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Name: Susan Rocco

Business: Women to Watch ™, an online talk show interviewing female entrepreneurs

Industry: Arts and Entertainment, Social Enterprise

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Reason for starting: My mission is to inspire and encourage more women to pursue leadership roles worldwide.

How do you define success? I believe there are many definitions of the word success. Success is personal to each individual. I often wonder if success is only realized when true happiness and contentment have been found? I would have to say, yes. Pride too. We all work hard throughout our lives to reach a place of contentment. We use many words to describe success; accomplishment, achievement, reaching our goals, attainment of wealth, receiving honors etc. Success must include accomplishment and achievement, but not necessarily wealth or honors. At the end of the day, I believe success is attained when you’ve set out to help others in some way, and done so.

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Biggest Success: As of today, I am most proud of the fact that I have developed a Mentoring Program with Drexel University that will strategically help young female students to reach their own aspirations and goals in life. Through my show, I have secured over 40 executive women from across the country (and growing) who have said “yes,” we will help!

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it? My top challenge is in securing the sponsorship I need to cover my production costs as a self-produced show. I am doing exactly what I need to do however, to make that happen….staying true to my mission and fostering relationships with others who believe in my mission. I have worked extremely hard to continually grow my audience, expand my influence through multiple projects and create a platform that is valuable to both corporate and collegiate organizations. Two years in to my business, I believe I’m right on track.

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Who is your most important role model? As I have the privilege of sitting down every week with another woman who is willing to share her story and teach me something, I have many role models. I would have to say that there is not one role model that is more important than another, however, I do have some that are more memorable and dear to my heart. One in particular is Natalie Mashaal, who was one of my earliest guests on the show. Her belief of success has stayed with me till today…”Obstacles are nothing more than opportunities for change. Change is the foundation for growth and understanding, which are the gatekeepers to wild success in all its forms.” I just love that!


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