Sylvie di Giusto_TSEYour Name: Sylvie di Giusto

Business Name: Executive Image Consulting, an image consulting service for companies, individuals, and consultants

Type of Business: Coaching & Consulting

Business Location: New York, NY, United States


Reason for starting
Initially, it was money. I know; many would have expected a more strategic, passionate or romantic answer. However, I’ve lived a very independent life and I saw no reason to change that when I walked down the aisle and got two wonderful children. I felt uncomfortable with the idea of being financially dependent on someone else. It’s not about the amount of dollars. It is just something fundamentally satisfying for me when I can pay for that weekend getaway or that pair of fabulous high heels one definitely doesn’t need with money that I have earned on my own.

How do you define success?
Happy customers. 96% of my clients are returning customers.

Biggest Success
Returning customers.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
I try to be a good mom, a good wife, a good friend and a good consultant at the same time. Being this “Super Women” takes hard work, constant persistence, detailed planning and absolute support from your loved ones. It is indeed a daily juggle and many people think that a good support system needs a huge number of family or friends who surround you. In my life the true support comes in quality, not quantity. I wouldn’t be able to achieve my business and career goals while supporting my family without my husband. When he comes home from his ambitious and demanding job he not only puts our kids to bed, prepares their dinner and reads their good night stories, so I am free to do whatever needs to be done. In addition, he always is fully supportive in any of my ideas, he backs up my plans and encourages me to follow my dreams.

Who is your most important role model?
One of my first childhood memories about my big brother is him starring to the ceiling of his nursery where dozens of airplanes were hanging. He always wanted to fly and started to dream of a career as a pilot already as a toddler. In spite of the lacking support of our parents, without any financial backing and towards all traditional regulations of this career path, he followed his dream. He put in all his energy and resources to make it happen and worked hard every day over many years. In a roundabout way and in spite of many hurdles and stumbling blocks, he managed to turn his dream into reality. Today you will find him flying one of the world’s most modern private jet for one of the world’s richest families. He is my living proof that you have to hold on tight to your dreams.