1000 Apparel & Accessories

Sophia Hyder: Evolvemint

I yearned to find happiness through meaningful work, and knew that combining my two favorite passions, international development and fashion, would let me do just that.

Seema S. Sahin: Modern Mary

For most Muslim women it can be challenging finding styles that express their cultural heritage, American identity, and at the same time being true to their faith.

Marcie Muehlke: Celia Grace -a social enterprise

I realized that I could pair the market opportunity of women seeking a more meaningful wedding dress with the social need for safe, fair, and empowering work for women…and create something truly beautiful.

Maja Svensson: ELSA AND ME

I’ve always wanted to run my own business… After I finished college in Sweden (where I’m from) with a major in Economics, I went to New York for an internship at the Consulate General of Sweden.

Alex Robinson: Alcott Clothier

While working in the Men’s custom clothing industry I discovered an immense void in the market for women. Alcott Clothier provides women with luxurious, flattering, and fashion-forward custom clothing.

Alexis Gopal M.D.: Alexis Gopal Jewelry

People started asking where I bought my jewelry, the next thing you know, I started a business. It was the best decision I’ve ever made, and I’ve never looked back since.