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Aqsa Mughees: Young Designer Finds Financial Freedom

“I have always been passionate about managing my own startup, not just because I wanted to be my own boss, but because entrepreneurship teaches you responsibility, accountability and learning from your own mistakes in the best way possible.”

Sarah Meyer: Fair Trade Fashion

“We decided to use our experience in sales and marketing and making connections by telling the stories of the artisans who make the products.”

Renee Lamb of Soulié: Bringing Beauty to The World

“I traveled with my husband for almost 2 years. We went all over the US, to South Asia and Africa. I met such amazing people along the way, and a sentiment I had long held was reinforced–the most powerful thing you can give to another human is dignity and hope.”

Melanie Ledford: Holistic Jewelry for a Healthier Lifestyle

“People that face huge struggles but continue to move forward and face their fears and make their dreams come true speak to me. They show me that if I will just put myself out there and work, work, work, just about anything can be made to happen.”

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