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Tasha Guidry is a Lake Charles, Louisiana-based criminologist and entrepreneur who wanted to ‘level’ the playing field for those who find themselves in the judicial system. Her company, Cycles Life Solutions, provides mitigation services to the local judiciary but she also works with businesses, companies, and organizations to provide restructuring services. Today Cycles is growing and she finds meaning in her work by knowing that she is helping people prepare for court and trial through every means possible. 

Guidry’s story, as told to The Story Exchange 1,000+ Stories Project:

Cycles Life Solutions officially started in April of 2014 as a part time endeavor as a means to “level” the playing field for those unfortunate enough to find themselves in the judicial system. I decided to leave the court system in August of 2014 to go full time hoping that dedicating myself to my mission on a full time basis I would be better able to practice my craft without any restrictions or limitations. I prepare individuals for court and trial by ensuring that clients complete classes and programs prior to trial that would be expected of them if convicted. This not only enables the client to get a better deal or resolution but also keeps those impoverished from having to miss work to attend classes that have time restrictions. Clients of Cycles receive more than generic programs but, participate in programs relative to making life changes.

Success at Cycles can only be determined by the outcomes or results of my individual clients. Because my clients roster is so vast, I measure my success according to not only if I met my clients expectations but exceeded their goals.

My biggest success was preparing a client for a civil deposition hearing that was supposed to last for several days. It was my first time and I was a novice. It was a million dollar case and the client was represented by three firms. My work with her resulted in a deal being accepted after a half a days testimony. My other successes include my partnering attorneys being told by the prosecutors that there is nothing that they could provide that would alter their offer or lack thereof, until they appear in court with a body of innovative work performed by the offenders and they feel obliged to offer a deal. 

My top challenge would be growth. Cycles was designed to grow and have a staff that would take the burden off of the CEO. Do to geographical location and many attorneys being unwilling to use mitigation services, finances have kept Cycles from growing.

Every business owner faces adversity and challenges. There have been times when business has been slow and student loans had to be paid, and I have considered closing my doors. It is often at these times that I remember the purpose of Cycles and why I was brought here. I think about the many successes which exceed failures and somehow I am provided for.

My goal for Cycles has not changed since it’s conception. Once I acquire my own building, I want a full service staff that provides all trial needs including legal representation under one roof.

My most important role models are my clients in the criminal justice system. They often come in after life has beat them down and many times I have been their last hope in a losing battle. Once inspired, they dig in, and their outlook on life changes. They often begin to feel as if they have hope. 

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