(Photo credits: Karen Washington, by Ethan Harrison; Debra White, by Sam Shinn; Dr. Roseanna Means, by Sam Shinn.)

Here are the most-watched videos on The Story Exchange in 2021.


5 Popular Small Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

Thinking of starting up? Check out this video of business ideas for inspiration. We’ve outlined some popular startup ideas with great growth potential, based on our 1,000 Stories research on women business owners. A growing number of women are choosing entrepreneurship because they seek economic independence or desire work/life balance, or because they want to be their own boss.


Helping the Pandemic’s Most Vulnerable

Roseanna Means, a doctor who has provided care to Boston’s female homeless population via street outreach for over three decades, views the pandemic through the lens of homelessness — and “boy, it was very hard,” she says. “I saw so much fear and uncertainty and so much hopelessness and despair.”


Finding Healing Through Animals

Debra White is the founder of Winslow Farm, a nonprofit animal sanctuary in Norton, Massachusetts. She has been caring for abandoned and mistreated creatures since 1996. She also advocates for the preservation of wildlife habitat. But it wasn’t an easy path to running the 17-acre, 164-animal sanctuary, built next door to her childhood home.


3 Business Ideas for Women in Science

If you’re a woman scientist who wants to use your skills and expertise to run a mission-driven company, here are some ideas. We’ve interviewed three women in science who have startups in the areas of clean water, eco-friendly pesticides and solar power.


7 Time Management Tips for Remote Work

Does working remotely make you feel untethered? Here are seven ideas to help you get better at time management (New Year’s resolution, anyone?) when you are working remotely.


Empowers Women Artisans in Rural Guatemala

In 2004, Ruth Álvarez-DeGolia of Brooklyn, N.Y., started Mercado Global, a social enterprise that connects women artisans in Guatemala with international fashion retailers. Today, Mercado Global works with over 750 women artists, teaching them how to make items that can then be sold by Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Levi’s, Stitch Fix and others.


An Urban Farmer Fights for Food Justice

Karen Washington of the Bronx, New York, has spent decades promoting urban farming and spreading the message of “food justice” — the concept that healthful, nutritious food is a human right, just like access to water. In the process, she has been named one of Ebony magazine’s “Power 100,” won a James Beard award, and has even met Michelle Obama.


Beekeeping as a Business

Kristy Allen founded Minneapolis-based The Beez Kneez, an unusual honey business that maintains hives, extracts and sells honey with a pedal-powered invention and teaches beekeeping. It manages to thrive, while maintaining environmentally sustainable practices and advocating on behalf of increasingly endangered bees.


Long Before Plastic Bag Bans, She Made the Original Eco-Friendly Sack

If you now carry around a reusable shopping bag, you probably have Sharon Rowe to thank. Over 30 years ago, disgusted by plastic bags she saw littering New York City streets, she founded Eco-Bags Products Inc. (Motto: “Cleaning up the planet one bag at a time.”) Her goal was to produce responsibly made cloth shopping bags that consumers could reuse.


Making Prosthetic Legs for Amputees Around the World

In this inspirational video, learn how plastics engineer Erin Keaney started Nonspec, a company that makes affordable prosthetic limbs for amputees in developing nations. Her startup’s patented “pylon” is for people who suffer limb loss below the knee.