Your Name: Thresette Briggs, SPHR,CPS

Business Name: Performance 3 LLC, a service to design and deliver facilitation, training, and inspirational speaches

Type of Business: Coaching & Consulting

Business Location: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Twitter @Performance3

Reason for starting
I started my business to ensure I could live my true purpose. I would not have been able to do that working for someone else. I spent over 20 years in corporate America, but in my heart it was not a fit. I believe the best way to live my purpose is as a business owner who focuses on helping leaders and organizations transform their performance in a holistic way that honors their employees, their organization’s legacy, and ensures sustainability for future generations.

How do you define success?
I define success as being an authentic Christian leader, who honors my faith in my business, my relationships,and my community. I want to help coach and mentor other leaders and business owners so they feel comfortable that they can honor the same things, and still be successful. I also want to make a strong positive impact in my community.

Biggest Success
Leaving corporate America and overcoming my fears to become an entrepreneur and business owner! I am very passionate about what I do, and I want to help others love what they do too.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
My biggest challenge has been helping leaders who need my services most, understand how the services can add sustainable value to their organization and increase the effectiveness of their leaders and teams. To address this I have increased my visibility in the community as a speaker and presenter at conferences, workshops, online webinars and other engagements. I’ve obtained a professional speaker certification to ensure my message is heard and clearly understood, and look forward to speaking globabally. I’m also writing a “how to” book for business leaders. Stay tuned!

Who is your most important role model?
I am a Christian, so my biggest role model is Jesus Christ. I also have spiritual mentors who are friends and more mature Christians to help me stay focused on my spiritual walk, and how it can help me be a better person, business owner and community leader.