John Lennon’s admiration for strong women inspires us to find our own role models.



Today is the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ arrival in the U.S., which kicked off the “British Invasion” and an unforgettable era of pop culture.

We’ve been humming the Beatles’ tunes all day, so when we heard John Lennon’s “Woman” it seemed like we’d hit on this week’s inspiration.

“Woman I will try to express / my inner feelings and thankfulness / for showing me the meaning of success,” he sings.

John was no stranger to success himself at that point, having already topped music charts for years with the rest of the Fab Four.

But his admiration for Yoko Ono, artist & iconoclast, reminds us that everyone benefits from having a strong female role model.

We like these lyrics because they inspire us to pay attention to our own role models. All of the entrepreneurs featured on The Story Exchange show us the meaning of success in their own way.