The Story Exchange, Tracy Brinkmann, Plan Ahead Event Western ColoradoYour Name: Tracy Brinkmann

Business Name: Plan Ahead Events – Western Colorado, an event planning service

Type of Business: Event Planning Management

Business Location: Denver, Colorado, United States

Reason for starting
Starting my own business allows me the ability to utilize the expertise I’ve gained over more than 26 years in the insurance industry where I’ve planned and implemented regional incentive trips, sales meetings, and conferences, while holding corporate positions in sales, marketing, management and training. I wanted to start a business where I was allowed to build my own dreams rather than someone else’s.

How do you define success?
I believe success is something you make based upon your own beliefs and not other’s expectations. My goal is to aim for excellence, not perfection. It is about turning your dreams into reality. Happiness and success are imminent when you believe in yourself and not worry about what others think you should do.

Biggest Success
I would say my biggest success has been believing in myself and in never giving up on my goals. I have won several awards and recognition trips throughout my career by believing in my abilities to win. Such as: Rookie Agent of the Year, President’s Conference Key Manager, Life University Award, etc.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
Starting my own business has been my biggest challenge. It takes a lot of resilience, tenacity, and belief in yourself. I constantly remind myself that I need to use challenges as opportunities to remain calm and composed and to remain optimistic. It is important to always do your best, never looking back with regret, and to not allow negative thoughts to control you.

Who is your most important role model?
I would say that is probably my mom. She always worked hard and owned her own business as well. She taught me the value of building relationships, managing your finances, and enjoying what you do.