Trish Jones mastered Mindbody software, and now she's helping health and wellness businesses across the country.

Trish Jones was tired of feeling worn out working at a stressful job she wasn’t passionate about. As a full time mom with a full time job, she knew something had to change. After mastering the Mindbody software used by countless fitness studios and salons across the world, she realized she had a valuable skill to offer — technical support for the 35 million users of this cloud-based business management software. One year after starting her business, Jones Business Solutions, this Ceres, Calif., native is working her own hours and making more time for the things that matter most.

Jones’ story, as told to The Story Exchange 1,000+ Stories Project:

I really wanted to find a way to provide for my family, while still having time to actually spend with them. My husband, two sons and daughter were suffering because of my 9-5. I would work all day at a stressful job that I didn’t love, and I would come home unable to be mentally present for my family. My oldest son, who is 10, is on the Autism Spectrum and requires a lot of emotional energy, my youngest son, who is 9, is heavily involved with wrestling and going to his practice and tournaments became physically exhausting after being at my job all day. We also have a 1-year old daughter that just simply needed her mama!  I needed to find a way to be present, not stressed out and not tired. Jones Business Solutions was born in July 2017, after I had finally had enough of my health and relationships being affected by not living the life we all deserve!

Success can be measured a million different ways, but I define it as being able to have the best of both worlds! I work 100% from home so I can set my hours around my clients’ needs, while also being able to be present for my husband and children. My business can go where I go so, we aren’t held back if we want to travel, if I need to attend school meetings, or if I just want to play hooky with the kids and spend the day together! If my family and clients are taken care of and happy at the end of the day, then that’s my definition of success.

“I work 100% from home so I can set my hours around my clients’ needs while also being able to be present for my husband and children.”

– Trish Jones, Fonder of Jones Business Solutions

My biggest success is taking the leap of faith and starting my business. I didn’t ease into it, I jumped right in. Doing this was 100% out of my comfort zone. I am a planner and rarely do anything that I don’t know what the outcome will be. Jones Business Solutions became the exception to my rule. I needed to make a drastic change for my sanity and the health of my family so, after the encouragement of some amazing friends, I jumped in and haven’t looked back!

I’m not great at sales or marketing. And by “not great,” I mean terrible! I watch a lot of TED Talks and other inspirational stories and try to apply the lessons to my marketing challenges. Even though sending cold emails and having online discovery calls is uncomfortable, I just keep trying. Each email and call get a little better than the last. I will never be great at marketing myself, but one day I will be better than I am today.

Alicia Hart AKA P!NK is my role model. She has built her brand her way and strives to leave this world a better place than it was found. She is an amazing business woman, performer, mom and advocate for humanity. Alicia Hart is a huge influence on how I run my business and face the challenges that pop up. My company is small and new, but I strive to make each day better for my clients, family and humanity in general.


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