Today is a special day for The Story Exchange, as we begin a new partnership with The New York Times.

On a regular basis, our videos and articles on inspiring female entrepreneurs will be published in the Times’ small-business section. Please see today’s special package on Felena Hanson, who was prompted to “think big” and launch a female-only co-working space after a near-fatal car wreck.

We are pleased to share the professional and personal stories of women business owners with the Times’ broad audience. Too often, the tales of entrepreneurial women go unnoticed by mainstream media; yet as a group, female business owners are making a real difference in their communities and contributing to the global economy. By telling their stories, we hope to provide role models to other women who are pursuing entrepreneurial dreams.

As a media organization, we are always looking for candidates to feature in our videos and articles. The best way to share your story is through our 1,000 Stories campaign, a research project we’re conducting with Babson College. Fill out the form and tell us about your accomplishments and any challenges you’ve faced along the way. You could be featured in a special package down the road.

So take a break from your workload today to learn about another woman’s entrepreneurial journey. Watch Felena’s moving story and read about her unwavering commitment to make an impact in the world. Women inspiring other women….it’s what we do best.

Cover image credit:
Flickr user SIGMA Deutschland