Your Name: Tula Garris

Business Name: Morning Glory Products, Inc., a maker of hair and skin care products

Type of Business: Health & Beauty; Hair Care

Business Location: Greenville, North Carolina, United States

Twitter @morningglorygod
Facebook Morning Glory Products-Inc

Reason for starting
I had a vested interest in providing the best products available, as they may not have been available to me.-Morning Glory Products,Inc. ® is the brain child of Calvin & Tula Garris, and is based in Greenville, NC but known and supplying venues and vendors throughout the USA and soon; abroad. African American owned and operated, fully licensed and patented with an invaluable registered Trademark, Morning Glory Products, Inc. ® have become a household name!

How do you define success?
By continuing to trust God, walk in his word and do the necessary footwork, to make it happen. And to be prepared and ready “when it does happen.” in my humble opinion, no success is real success, if it is not shared with others less fortunate. Partial proceeds Morning Glory Products, Inc ® are donated to various non-profit charities. For reaching out to the entrepreneur community we have an established protical. After the appropriate training and product knowledge authentication, interested men and women are invited to become Morning Glory Products, Inc ® distributors or vendors.

Biggest Success
After the initial development fine tuning of our products and services, Morning Glory Products, Inc obtained all necessary patents, trademarks and copyrights. That indeed was a great time, but even greater to know that our customer base sincerely appreciates our products and quality customer service, overall.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
Well, at one time the integrity of Morning Glory Products, Inc. was under attack by another group or company. We stayed prayerful and did not counter attack as that would have been unprofessional and out of character for Morning, Glory Products, Inc. I let the appropriate authorities and organizations handle it. In the meantime, we kept it moving with our “seamless service” policy and procedures on behalf of our invaluable customers, distributors and supporters.

Who is your most important role model?
God, but certainly you must mean here on earth? that would be my Mother and Grandmother. Those 2 women are the core of my being, they established great qualities in my life. Both from leading by example and in their teachings. To include more “earthly hero’s” add my dear husband (& Business partner) Calvin and our beautiful children.