We were really excited to read about this initiative from the United Nations Foundation that hopes to raise both money and awareness for a specific group of adolescent women.

The campaign, called Girl Up, is designed to effect positive change for girls who reside in developing nations.

“Many of them struggle for the opportunity to go to school, see a doctor or be included in their communities,” those with the Foundation said. “This has serious consequences including: low levels of enrollment in school, high levels of child marriage and way too many girls facing health risks from pregnancy and early child birth.”

“Through Girl Up’s support, [they] have the opportunity to become educated, healthy, safe, counted and positioned to be the next generation of leaders,” UNF officials additionally noted.

Those involved hope to offer young women tutoring opportunities and extra-curricular activities that are designed to hone the students’ skills and cultivate their interests.

They also aim to educate the girls’ communities on the principles of respecting women, and to offer both microloans and vocational opportunities to families in those areas (in an effort to improve local economies).

Girl Up’s reach has presently spread to 35 countries throughout the world.

We wish them the best with their efforts!

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