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For some, tomorrow marks the start of a holiday weekend — one of many reasons why summer is often a time for contemplating seasonal vacation plans.

One group of people far less likely to take some time away, though, is entrepreneurs. According to a survey conducted by Bank of America, 59 percent of all female small business owners are willing to sacrifice vacation time for the sake of their work (as well as 63 percent of male small business owners).

There is no doubt that entrepreneurship is a uniquely demanding path. However, it is important to rest — at least, occasionally. Time away can help you refocus and reenergize, ultimately leaving you better equipped to run your business efficiently. And there are steps you can take before taking flight, both for the care of your business and your peace of mind.

Some ways to make sure your venture doesn’t suffer in your absence include alerting customers and clients of your plans in advance, as well as delegating key responsibilities to trusted staff members who will be available while you’re away. In addition, a written guide to your company’s procedures and policies could be a useful resource for those left in charge while you’re on a trip.

Solopreneurs should also find a way to budget down time into their schedule, to avoid burning out. For those going it alone, you could add vacation time to a work-related trip, or travel during a traditionally “slow” time for businesses (ie. around the winter holidays).

Once you’ve taken care of your business, it’ll be time to take care of yourself.  Happy travels!