Valrie Grant

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Your Name: Valrie Grant

Business Name: GeoTechVision Enterprises Ltd, a consultant company to guide businesses

Type of Business: High Tech

Business Location: Kingston, Jamaica


Reason for starting
I had worked for over 8 years as a geospatial analyst, government employee and Spatial Technologies consultant for a wide range of public and private organizations in the Caribbean when I recognized spatial intelligence can offer tremendous benefits to governments and businesses alike but was not being fully utilized. Geospatial Information is one of the critical elements underpinning decision making in addressing some of the Caribbean’s most enduring problems- Economic Development, Environment and Resource Management, the problem of Climate Change and Disaster Management. In November of 2008 I established GeoTechVision to operate as a full service GIS company within the Caribbean focusing on “Delivering Value through Innovative Solutions!” We thus, have been assisting Caribbean Businesses, Agencies and Government Ministries to develop and effectively use spatial intelligence in critical decision making!

How do you define success?
I define success as “growing” and “in business”, it is therefore growing and being a profitable entity which is not dependent on me but a team of committed, hardworking individuals. Further, success is being able to mentor, coach and inspire that team as well as others. Personally, it is being spiritually focused and continually growing , maturing spiritually, leading a balanced life, being healthy, happy and able to spend time with dear friends and family as well as making a positive contribution to society.

Biggest Success
In business, our biggest success was probably Expanding GeoTechVision in the Caribbean even in harsh economic Climate by establishing GeoTechVision Guyana Inc. as an external company registered in Guyana January 2012.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
My top Challenge was Overcoming an illness 4 months after starting GeoTechVision. At the time I had no staff and operated from a Virtual office. I underwent a major medical procedure which meant that GeoTechVison was put on hold for about 6 months. During my recovery though I used the time to write proposals, build relationships and form alliances and was back in the Caribbean building GeoTechVision in September 2009. This meant personal finances earmarked for the business was diverted to medical expenses- somewhat of a setback but I was determined to succeed although this meant growing at a slower pace. This situation called for resilience, drive, tenacity and creativity in using the limited resources available at the time.

Who is your most important role model?
I try to model elements of my life after the friendliness, kindhearted giving spirit of my mother. She was also one of the strongest, most determined and resourceful woman that I knew. I still reflect on my many conversations with her and the time we spent together and everytime I still learn many valuable lessons. In my industry the contributions of Caribbean GIS Champions like Jacqueline daCosta, Cecille Blake, Nadine Brown, Earl Edwards and Silburn Clarke is an inspiration. The public figure that inspires me most is Nelson Mandela.

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