Your Name: Veronica Pellot-Marrero

Business Name: iDiverse Export Consultants LLC, an export consulting, global project management and marketing office

Type of Business: Management Consulting

Business Location: Kearny, New Jersey, United States

Twitter @vickypellot

Reason for starting
A defining moment in my life was when I realize that I was not building my dreams. It’s that moment when you know you are not in the right place. I realize the need to let go of things and situations I was attached to and were of no good to me and my family. I remember not sleeping, trying to justify my good intentions, just thinking on how to do things better as if my corporate job was my own company. It was not about the money, it was about doing the right thing. That was a defining moment. I decided it was time for a change and do something that I feel good about, look forward every day and also help others.

How do you define success?
Success is living in abundance, it’s not what we have BUT what we enjoy. I was shocked to see that once I made the decision my health condition was getting rapidly better. I looked and felt much better. It was the beginning of a healing process both physically and spiritually. The real source of wealth. That’s when I decide to dedicate the rest of his professional life to helping people break free of toxic lifestyles by experiencing the wonders of exporting their products or services.

Biggest Success
When people said “Oh, there is nothing to look at in that Country…” or “There is no market in that Country”, I proved the opposite. With a good quality product/service you can enter any market in the world and increase your company profitability. You just need to believe in your product/service and not fear what your ego or other people have to say. “Imagine, Believe & Achieve”. We help entrepreneurs and small companies export in a profitable and rewarding way!

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
There are resources available for entrepreneurs, small-owned, woman-owned, veteran-owned, minority–owned business. The challenge is that the resources are all over the place and not easily available. What about their significant others? What about their dreams and aspirations so often sacrificed? All of them are not consider big enough to export or not big enough to make the investment. I say, you are big enough to consider entering the international markets. We are successful in providing the guidance and resources for successful and profitable export of products and services for entrepreneurs and small companies.