The Story Exchange team is fortunate to work in a city that many small businesses call home, and where opportunities abound for entrepreneurs to showcase their wares on bustling, festive streets. So with excitement, we made our way to UrbanSpace‘s Union Square Holiday Market (as we did last year), where scores of sellers — many of them women — are enchanting holiday shoppers with a colorful array of high-quality gifts.

To share the fun with you, we took some snapshots of items that women business owners like Julie Siegmund of Carnelian Knoll, Erica Shea of the Brooklyn Brew Shop, Amy Huebner of Fire Cider, Moshgan Rezania of MoshgansArt,  Ali and Lauren Borowick of Fatty Sundays and Jessica Hollander of India & Purry are offering.

Feast your eyes on our slideshow of fantastic creations, brought to you some seriously awesome enterprising women.

[unitegallery USHM2015]