Entrepreneurship is full of rewards. But it often entails a good bit of struggle.

That’s why we liked Xiaoning Wang’s very real story, which is featured today in The New York Times as part of our continuing series with NYTimes.com.

When Wang first started her New York company, ChinaSprout, she sold cultural products to American parents with adopted Chinese children. Wang was enjoying success until a number of setbacks — many beyond her control — happened. China began enforcing strict new regulations on foreign adoptions. The U.S. economy tumbled into recession. And big competitors came on the scene to undercut Wang’s business.

But like a true entrepreneur, Wang hasn’t quit. She has pivoted (catering to teachers instead of parents) and persevered. In our report, she talks about a number of actions she plans to take to reverse her sales decline. For more, check out NYTimes.com here or read/watch the full report on TSE here.