Becky O’Neil of Becky’s Pet Care gives New Year’s advice for budding entrepreneurs.

There may be no better time to launch a business than the New Year, when resolutions are fresh and energy is high. We asked a few of our successful entrepreneurs to share their best tips for starting up. 

Today’s advice comes from Becky O’Neil, who in 1998 decided she was tired of the long hours she logged as an X-ray technician in a medical office. She wanted to start her own business but had trouble deciding how to begin. A friend advised her to pursue what she loved as a kid. For O’Neil, that was animals. Lacking any formal business education, she launched Becky’s Pet Care and initially walked dogs with her infant son strapped to her back. Her business has grown steadily ever since and today she employs more than 125 people, serves 3,000 active clients and posts about $2.3 million in annual revenue.

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