Women 2.0, the platform for women founders and innovators, admits that it could be harder for women with tech start-ups to prosper in such male-dominated industry.

But Carla Rover, writer at The Advertising Technology Review, can help. She gives some helpful advice on how women can work smarter, reverse the trend and remain stronger.

For women starting Tech companies, brilliance is mandatory

There are two sides to the post-feminist world for women creating startups technology companies.

Here’s the good part: most investors, at least publicly, acknowledge the need for a more diverse field of leadership in the startup community.

Here’s the bad part: women may have to do a little extra homework to get over the industry’s age-old tradition of choosing leaders based on their educational or demographic similarities to past entrepreneurial success stories.

It doesn’t mean that women entrepreneurs necessarily have to work harder but we have to be smarter, in presentation and in business model, than the landscape we’re trying to make an impact on.

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