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(Credit: Christina Kelly)

Editor’s Note: The deadline for applications has passed and our list selected. Find out about the 7 remarkable women spotlighted on The Resist List!

As women confront sexual harassment and unequal treatment in the workplace, the big question has become: What’s next? How do we achieve lasting change and true equality?

Our 2018 list of outstanding female entrepreneurs aims to point the way to that more inclusive future. If your business is helping to dismantle the patriarchy, apply now to be on The Resist List!

Before April 30, we want to hear from women who have products or services designed to lift up other women — ones that make women’s daily lives easier, help them climb the corporate ladder, or ease their worries when the day is done.

We also want female founders who have created great work environments that support women’s success, for instance with effective family leave policies, clear and enforced rules about sexual harassment, and open lines of communication.

We’re seeking women who are leading the way to a tomorrow where women can shine.

What are the rules? Check out our full list of guidelines:

• You must nominate yourself.
• You must complete the entire form in order to be considered.
• Your company must have been in operation for at least 3 years.
• It must be a full-time endeavor.
• Yours may be a for-profit business, nonprofit or social enterprise.
• You must have at least two employees (not independent contractors).
• You cannot be a franchisee, independent distributor or sales representative.
• You may reside anywhere in the world.
• If you have male co-owners, you must be the primary leader of the company.

Please note that your submission will become part of our 1,000+ Stories project, an ongoing research effort with Babson College to better understand female entrepreneurship. Information you provide in your application may be published online, even if you are not selected for the list.

If you have submitted your story to us previously, either as part of the 1,000+ Stories campaign or for a different list, please fill out all parts of the questionnaire anyway. This will help us ensure that we have up-to-date information about your business, as well as answers the special list-related questions. If you have submitted a similar form to us within the last 3 months, you may refer us to your answers to any duplicate questions.

And after you finish your application, be sure to tell your friends, family, colleagues and networks about The Resist List! Encourage other women to apply by sharing this page via email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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