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Credit: freedigitalphotos.net
Credit: freedigitalphotos.net

Nowadays, there is no shortage of financial advice and information available to you — be it online, from professionals or through friends and family (whose opinions you may or may not have solicited). But what about resources specifically designed for women?

In addition to the wonderful entrepreneurs we featured recently, and the knowledgeable experts with whom we have spoken for this series — such as Manisha Thakor, Stacy Francis and Rebecca Eve Selkowe — there are other organizations, individual coaches and programs that are great for women wanting to learn more about money management.

Here are several female-focused (or at the very least, female-friendly) institutions that can help women take control of their finances.


Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement
About: Known as WISER for short, the Institute aims to ensure long-lasting financial security during the golden years of its female clients through interactions with educators and policy makers alike. They also help women understand their financial options by providing informative newsletters, fact sheets and booklets that explain money matters in easily understood terms. WISER additionally holds workshops all over the country.
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Women’s Institute for Financial Education
About: WIFE is a nonprofit that helps women prepare financially for all of life’s big transitions — be it moving from college to career life, changing from “single” to “married” on one’s taxes, or whatever else may come. Founded by finance professionals Candace Bahr and Ginita Wall, WIFE accomplishes its mission by publishing articles and offering words of encouragement and motivation, which serve to arm women with both the knowledge and the confidence they need to successfully navigate the financial aspects of life’s most significant moments.
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Wi$e Up
About: This program was developed by the U.S. Department of Labor Women’s Bureau to cater specifically to younger women throughout the country. Through Wi$e Up, women can take courses that will educate them on how to achieve financial security. Those wishing to participate in the program may do so online or in person — if a woman interested in doing so lives near one of the Bureau’s seven regional offices.
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About: LearnVest is a personal finance program that is the brainchild of Alexa Von Tobel. Though it does not exclusively cater to women, Von Tobel has been outspoken about how women can (and should) control their money, and is a staunch advocate of money awareness for both genders — a principle that shines through in LearnVest’s multi-pronged approach to helping all clients save and invest properly.
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We also recommend looking in your own backyard for options that are offered through local and state governments and universities throughout the nation.

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