1,000 woman business owners shared their stories — and showed the world the richness of female entrepreneurship

Between October 2012 and November 2015, 1,000 female entrepreneurs from 50 countries shared their business stories with The Story Exchange in a project we called 1,000 Stories, launched in partnership with Babson College.

Having reached our goal, we published findings that provide a uniquely deep look at why women start companies, how they view success, their top challenges and their most inspiring role models.

Our call for stories went out to women who have businesses, social enterprises, non-profits as well as sole proprietors from around the world. We asked why they started up and what they hoped to achieve. Submissions appear on our site in posts like the one below, which feature these women’s own words, and can be explored through an interactive map.

A sample submission from the 1,000 Stories campaign.

Why we Started the 1,000 Stories Campaign

Women are helping to drive the economic recovery, creating jobs at a time when we need them most. But the needs of female entrepreneurs are often overlooked by policymakers and their stories are left untold in the media.

Even though women have fewer role models, women-owned businesses in the U.S. are growing faster than the national average. Globally, the number of women starting their own businesses is rising quickly as countries everywhere are realizing the untapped growth potential of female entrepreneurs.

Just think what public validation could do and how this could help women overcome all sorts of hurdles, like the funding gap. The fact is that women seeking first-year financing to get a business off the ground receive about 80 percent less capital than men.

That’s why we launched 1,000 Stories, a project aimed at understanding the needs of women business owners and giving their stories media exposure. We have and will continue to use these stories — and stories still to come — to find candidates for future articles and videos.

Read a 2014 update on the 1,000 Stories project here

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The Story Exchange’s 1,000 Stories project is making women entrepreneurs more visible in the media. Explore inspiring startup stories and learn how women are debunking the myths of entrepreneurship to pursue goals that are more lofty than cold hard cash — and arguably more difficult. http://thestoryex.ch/1X27AVA

Posted: October 15, 2012

Read full coverage of our 1,000 Stories project's findings and explore the stories on our interactive map.

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