A Seaweed Startup in Maine’s Chilly Waters

November 2023

Atlantic Sea Farms works with lobstermen to farm kelp in the winter months. It’s a superfood that’s climate-friendly, too. Listen to our 10-minute podcast.

Afghan Women: ‘We Are Not Fragile’

August 2023

We speak to women who fled Afghanistan – as well as some who are still there. Our goal is to give Afghan women visibility at a time when the Taliban seeks to erase them from public life.

Listen to ‘Water Women’ Podcast

December 2022

Got 19 minutes? Learn about the water crisis and how innovative women are fighting back. Paige Peters treats wastewater at lightning speed while Brittany Kendrick pulls moisture from the sky.

Eat More Crickets (Especially If Chocolate-Covered)

November 2022

Yes, we sampled edible insects while recording this podcast. We talk with Claire Simons of 3 Cricketeers about this sustainable, highly nutritious protein.

Listen to ‘Her Fashion Brand Empowers Women in Guatemala’ Podcast

April 2022

Ruth Alvarez-DeGolia helps women artisans tap international markets through her social enterprise, Mercado Global — allowing them to earn critical income.

Revisiting ‘Instead of Building a Wall…’

June 2021

Vice president Kamala Harris traveled to Guatemala and Mexico this week to better understand the migrant crisis. We’re re-releasing our 2019 podcast featuring Kate Curran, whose nonprofit gives families a reason to stay in Central America.

100 Years of Power, Part 3: What the Future Holds

June 2020

In 2020, six diverse women run for president, and Nancy Pelosi takes the House. With experts Molly Ball, Kelly Dittmar, Ronnee Schreiber and Glynda Carr.

100 Years of Power, Part 2: Slow Burn of Progress

June 2020

From Eleanor Roosevelt to Shirley Chisholm, women begin to win control over their lives and bodies. With historians Susan Ware and Gina Luria Walker and advocate Nell Merlino.

Ep. 40: Changing Immigrants’ Lives Through Food

March 2020

Paty Funegra is the founder of La Cocina VA, a social enterprise that helps unemployed Latino immigrants find jobs in the food industry by teaching them food and language skills.

Ep. 39: Lighting Childbirth

December 2019

After witnessing shocking conditions at a maternity ward in Nigeria, Dr. Laura Stachel decided to take action. We Care Solar’s solar suitcases have lit over 2 millions births in over 30 countries.

Ep. 38: A Chorus Grows in Brooklyn

December 2019

We talk to Dianne Berkun Menaker, who turned a passion for music into the Brooklyn Youth Chorus. Today, she’s helping New York City kids find their voices and power in a confusing world.

Ep. 36: Revisiting ‘Helping Native American Women Heal’

October 2019

Our thanks to the Newswomen’s Club of New York for honoring us with a Front Page award for this podcast on Norine Hill of Mother Nation.

Ep. 35: A Podcast for Dog Lovers

September 2019

Once upon a time, Sherri Franklin was a successful (but uninspired) hairstylist. To find purpose in life, she began volunteering at the SPCA…and an old dog named Heidi captured her heart. Today, Franklin runs Muttville, a $4 million social enterprise that specializes in rescuing senior dogs.

Ep. 34: The Healing Power of Creativity

April 2019

Childhood trauma is on the rise in today’s world of school shootings, natural disaster and terrorist attacks. Art With Heart helps kids cope, in a surprisingly simple way.

Ep. 33: Instead of Building a Wall…

March 2019

Lost in the politics of “build the wall” is how to help families in Central America. In this inspiring podcast, we talk to Kate Curran of Boston, whose School the World builds schoolhouses in Guatemala and Honduras.

Ep. 30: All About Those Periods

October 2018

In our latest podcast episode, we talk with Celeste Mergens, who created Days for Girls to empower girls and women around the world by providing reusable sanitary products and health education.

EP. 29: Helping Native Women Heal

October 2018

In Seattle, Norine Hill, who is a member of the Oneida Nation of the Thames, has founded Mother Nation to help women out of abusive situations and bring them culturally appropriate services so they can rediscover their strength.

Ep. 25: Empowering Our Young Girls

May 2018

A girl’s self-confidence peaks when she’s 9 years old. Ret. Lieutenant Colonal Dianna Flett is using her military training to run leadership workshops, dubbed Girl Smarts, for girls in 4th and 5th grades.

Ep.22: Horse Business

September 2017

Chelsea Harden’s horses create magical spaces where kids with special needs can connect and learn. In this podcast episode, hear how she manages the unusual business assets at the core of The H.E.A.R.T. Center.

Ep.21: Restoring Access to Local Farm Food

June 2017

Tatiana Garcia Granados started The Common Market to bring farm food to her Philadelphia neighborhood. Now she’s taking on the nation’s broken food distribution system.

The Story Exchange Podcast

September 2015

Showcasing the stories and strategies of entrepreneurial women from San Diego to New York and beyond.