“100 Years of Power” Trailer

May 2020

We’re working on a special 3-part podcast series to mark the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment.

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Making Affordable Prosthetics for Amputees

March 2020

Around the world, 45 million amputees lack access to a prosthetic limb. At UMass-Lowell, plastics engineer Erin Keaney is designing a solution.

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Changing Immigrants’ Lives Through Food

March 2020

Paty Funegra is the founder of La Cocina VA, a social enterprise that helps unemployed Latino immigrants find jobs in the food industry by teaching them food and language skills.

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Lighting Childbirth

December 2019

After witnessing shocking conditions at a maternity ward in Nigeria, Dr. Laura Stachel decided to take action. We Care Solar’s solar suitcases have lit over 2 millions births in over 30 countries.

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A Chorus Grows in Brooklyn

December 2019

We talk to Dianne Berkun Menaker, who turned a passion for music into the Brooklyn Youth Chorus. Today, she’s helping New York City kids find their voices and power in a confusing world.

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Ep 37: No More Pesticides

October 2019

At a time when there are serious health concerns about the pesticides we spray on crops, Pam Marrone of Marrone Bio Innovations specializes in natural alternatives to toxic chemicals.

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Ep. 36: Revisiting ‘Helping Native American Women Heal’

October 2019

Our thanks to the Newswomen’s Club of New York for honoring us with a Front Page award for this podcast on Norine Hill of Mother Nation.

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Ep. 35: A Podcast for Dog Lovers

September 2019

Once upon a time, Sherri Franklin was a successful (but uninspired) hairstylist. To find purpose in life, she began volunteering at the SPCA…and an old dog named Heidi captured her heart. Today, Franklin runs Muttville, a $4 million social enterprise that specializes in rescuing senior dogs.

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Ep. 34: The Healing Power of Creativity

April 2019

Childhood trauma is on the rise in today’s world of school shootings, natural disaster and terrorist attacks. Art With Heart helps kids cope, in a surprisingly simple way.

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Ep. 33: Instead of Building a Wall…

March 2019

Lost in the politics of “build the wall” is how to help families in Central America. In this inspiring podcast, we talk to Kate Curran of Boston, whose School the World builds schoolhouses in Guatemala and Honduras.

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Ep. 32: Let’s Hear It For Honeybees

January 2019

In this podcast, we explore the plight of the bee and talk to Kristy Allen, a beekeeper and advocate who is running a thriving business, The Beez Kneez, in Minneapolis.

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Ep. 31: The Happiness of Reading

November 2018

Did you know that opening a book for the joy of it floods us with good feelings? Rana Dajani created We Love Reading to foster a love of reading in young people.

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Ep. 30: All About Those Periods

October 2018

In our latest podcast episode, we talk with Celeste Mergens, who created Days for Girls to empower girls and women around the world by providing reusable sanitary products and health education.

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EP. 29: Helping Native Women Heal

October 2018

In Seattle, Norine Hill, who is a member of the Oneida Nation of the Thames, has founded Mother Nation to help women out of abusive situations and bring them culturally appropriate services so they can rediscover their strength.

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EP. 28: Tackling Student Debt

July 2018

Kelly Peeler of NextGenVest has developed a text-based platform to educate Generation Z on the perils of student loans.

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EP. 27: Saving Our Coastal Communities

June 2018

Jennifer Bolstad of Local Office Landscape and Urban Design is taking on the challenge of rising sea levels.

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EP. 26: The Abortion Clinic Owner

May 2018

Amy Hagstrom Miller of Whole Woman’s Health is on a mission to make abortions safe and stigma-free. The journey has taken her to the Supreme Court.

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Ep. 25: Empowering Our Young Girls

May 2018

A girl’s self-confidence peaks when she’s 9 years old. Ret. Lieutenant Colonal Dianna Flett is using her military training to run leadership workshops, dubbed Girl Smarts, for girls in 4th and 5th grades.

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Ep. 24: Reuse and Recycle

November 2017

The women behind U Konserve and My Sister’s Closet are doing their part to minimize waste and protect the environment.

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Ep. 23: Community Housing

October 2017

Angie Lozano started Angie’s House to give people in need a place to lay their head at night — and reminded us all that just one person can make a real difference.

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Ep.22: Horse Business

September 2017

Chelsea Harden’s horses create magical spaces where kids with special needs can connect and learn. In this podcast episode, hear how she manages the unusual business assets at the core of The H.E.A.R.T. Center.

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Ep.21: Restoring Access to Local Farm Food

June 2017

Tatiana Garcia Granados started The Common Market to bring farm food to her Philadelphia neighborhood. Now she’s taking on the nation’s broken food distribution system.

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Ep.20: Reinventing the Wheelchair

June 2017

MIT-graduate Tish Scolnik is using the power of business to give people with disabilities a new sense of freedom.

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Ep.19: Second Chances

June 2017

Iran-born Fif Ghobadian created San Francisco fashion brand Road Twenty-Two to provide jobs for women released from prison.

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Ep.18: Making a Difference with Foster Kids

May 2017

With her nonprofit One Simple Wish, Danielle Gletow is bringing the joy of childhood to the lives of foster kids, one wish at time.

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Ep.17: Women Helping Women

May 2017

Kathy Brough and Anita Saville created Budget Buddies to help homeless women break free of poverty, aided by a sisterhood of volunteer personal-finance coaches.

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Ep.16: Embracing Change

March 2017

Hear how Houston pool-builder Kryshon Bratton has used the entrepreneurial “pivot” to stoke growth and create the work-life balance she wants.

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Ep.15: A $20 Million Comeback Story

February 2017

How Angelica Garcia-Dunn went from struggling to feed her kids to building a booming Texas-sized trucking company.

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[REPLAY] Ep. 2: Creating Indiegogo

December 2016

How Danae Ringelmann got the idea for the crowdfunding platform that spawned a new industry.

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Ep. 1: Turning Setbacks into Triumphs

November 2016

A company is born after Felena Hanson suffers a near-fatal car crash and resolves to add meaning to her life.

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Ep.14: On a Mission

November 2016

Meet Donna Peel and Stacy Ratner, two very different women taking on two very different social missions — both with inventive, entrepreneurial nonprofits.

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Ep.13: Running the Boys’ Club

October 2016

Our latest podcast episode features Toronto retailer Melissa Austria, who has created thriving menswear stores that appeal to guys who hate to shop but want to look good.

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Ep.12: A Winemaker’s Pleasure and Pain

March 2016

Delia Viader may make “liquid cashmere,” but it took more than fine wine to restore her winery after a devastating setback.

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Ep. 11: Jacket Dreams

March 2016

Jan Erickson was hounded by vivid dreams about a jacket — so she decided to start an outerwear company. It was a prescient move.

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Ep. 10: Off the Slopes and Into the Wine Shop

February 2016

For Anne Dowling, a former member of the U.S. Ski Team, successful entrepreneurship means having the flexibility to live a life she loves.

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Ep. 9: Cleaning Up Our E-Waste Mess

February 2016

Traci Phillips recycles dead cellphones, washed-up computers and old dot-matrix printers so they can’t clog landfills and release toxic substances into the environment.

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Ep. 8: A Free Spirit Gets Hard-Nosed About Business

January 2016

Kristine Jones started a business on a whim in an obscure, cutthroat industry. Then she got serious about building a strong company.

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Ep. 7: The Honest Pet Food Jackpot

November 2015

How San Diego entrepreneur Lucy Postins turned “human-grade” pet food into a multimillion dollar business.

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Ep. 6: Feeding the Ambitions of Female Chefs

October 2015

Hear how two Boston chefs, Jody Adams and Ana Sortun, overcame bias to rise the ranks — and what they learned along the way.

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Ep. 5: How Good Ideas Become Good Businesses

October 2015

How Kimberly Crupi Dobbins turned a corporate sabbatical and kitchen dream into a snack company and new career.

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Succeeding as a Woman in Tech – Shaan Kandawalla, Melody McCloskey, Amy Sheng – Ep 04

September 2015

These three women are thriving in the technology industry by offering innovations that serve other women.

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Ep. 3: The ‘Rain Woman’ Behind a Digital Detective Agency

September 2015

Alison Chung parlays a phenomenal gift for numbers into a successful computer-forensics firm.

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The Story Exchange Podcast

September 2015

Showcasing the stories and strategies of entrepreneurial women from San Diego to New York and beyond.

The Story Exchange – Teaser

September 2015

A new podcast from The Story Exchange

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