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If you run your own business, or think you want to, the Story Exchange has a new podcast series, created to inspire you and help you grow.

Starting September 8th, we’ll be telling real stories of real women, and how they built real — and sometimes really original — businesses. You’ll hear from the dreamer who started the crowdfunding revolution. The digital detective who can remember your social security number, but not your name. The woman who built a $21 million dollar empire on pet food you could feed your husband.

From Chicago to San Diego to New York and beyond, we’ve tracked down some of the most fascinating female entrepreneurs in business today. Each episode of The Story Exchange podcast will tell you about them and explain their winning business strategies, so you can sharpen your own entrepreneurial skills.

Get ready to hear from women who are busting the myths of entrepreneurship and starting and running companies that fill their lives with meaning, purpose and passion.

To subscribe, search for The Story Exchange on iTunes, Stitcher or wherever you find your favorite podcast. The Story Exchange podcast is written and hosted by Colleen DeBaise.