The Story Exchange is an award-winning nonprofit media organization dedicated to elevating women’s voices. Through videos, articles and a podcast, we strive to provide inspiration and information to entrepreneurial women everywhere. 

We have received Front Page Awards in 2020 and 2019 from the Newswomen’s Club of New York, a “Best in Business” award in 2019 from the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing, a nomination in 2022 for a Webby, and a nomination in 2016 for a Gerald Loeb Award, one of the most prestigious honors in business journalism.

As an independent 501(c)(3) newsroom founded in 2011, we have partnered with numerous publications over the years to expand our reach, including The New York Times, Inc., Forbes, CNBC and Fast Company.

In 2021, we launched our annual Women In Science Incentive Prize — a grant program recognizing innovative female scientists addressing climate change.

Who We Are


Victoria Wang, Co-Founder.

A former banker and marketing consultant, Victoria saw few role models for women in Corporate America and wanted to create a platform that encourages women down the path to economic independence. 


Sue Williams, Co-Founder.

A documentary filmmaker who started Ambrica Productions, Sue has produced awarding-winning films on a range of subjects, including the feature-length documentaries “Death By Design” and “Denise Ho: Becoming the Song.”

Colleen Debaise

Colleen DeBaise, Executive Editor.

The former small business editor of The Wall Street Journal, Colleen has authored two books on entrepreneurship and also served as an editor at Inc., Entrepreneur and BusinessWeek.


Candice Helfand-Rogers, Reporter.

Candice has worked as a journalist for some of the largest news organizations in the country over the course of her lengthy career, including CBS Local News and The Star-Ledger.


Corinne Lestch, Reporter.

Corinne is a writer, teacher and reporter with a decade of experience in media. As a staff reporter for the New York Daily News, she covered breaking news, education and City Hall.

Victoria Flexner

Victoria Flexner, Editor of 1,000+ Stories.

Victoria has a background in food and history. She is the founder of Edible History, a historical supper club based in Brooklyn.


Nusha Balyan, Podcast Editor.

A multimedia journalist and producer for documentaries, Nusha has also produced radio stories for NPR’s Latino USA, and assisted on TV shoots for BBC and PBS.


Anusha Bayya, Editorial Assistant.

A journalism, psychology, and anthropology student at New York University, Anusha has a passion for storytelling.