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Candice Helfand-Rogers
Candice Helfand-Rogers
Candice Helfand-Rogers, the Associate Director of Digital Media for The Story Exchange, is a news media professional with over a decade of writing and editing experience under her belt. Prior to The Story Exchange, she worked as a journalist and covered a wide range of topics for some of the largest news organizations in the country (including CBS Local News and The Star-Ledger). She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism & Media Studies at Rutgers University and graduated in 2005. In her spare time, Candice enjoys singing in several ensembles in New York City, and serving as a volunteer content producer for the Women's A Cappella Association. Please contact info@thestoryexchange.org with questions or pitches.
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Raising Money to Bring Kombucha to Communities of Color

Entrepreneur Milan Jordan is the brewmaster behind Cultured Kombucha, a startup focused on bringing the fermented drinks to minority communities in the Washington, D.C., area. She’s crowdfunding in hopes of spreading the health and wealth.

Candice Helfand-RogersRaising Money to Bring Kombucha to Communities of Color