Scarlett Lewis lost her son Jesse Lewis in the Sandy Hook school shooting. That loss inspired her nonprofit.

After the Sandy Hook Shooting Took Her Son, a Mom Finds a Mission

What do you do when loss upends your life? Scarlett Lewis’s nonprofit aims to prevent school shootings by bringing social and emotional learning to schools.

Laura Stachel, founder of We Care Solar, makes solar suitcases that save pregnant women’s lives
Health & Wellness

When Pain Derailed This Doctor’s Career, She Started a $5 Million Nonprofit That Saves Pregnant Women’s Lives Around the World

Laura Stachel co-founded We Care Solar, which makes solar suitcases that light deliveries in health centers where electricity is scarce.

Pamela Marrone of Marrone Bio Innovations

An Insect Lover Builds an $18 Million Natural Pest Control Company

After setbacks and scandal, Pamela Marrone of Marrone Bio Innovations is staging a comeback developing alternatives to dangerous pesticides.

Sherri Franklin, founder of Muttville senior dog rescue
Animal Business

How to Seriously Make a Difference Through Your Work

Sure, you could have a safe and secure job in any old profession. But if you’re looking to make an impact, consider starting a social enterprise.

Kristy Allen, beekeeper and founder of Beez Kneez
Animal Business

This Minneapolis Beekeeper Is Building a Thriving Business

Kristy Allen is no hobbyist beekeeper. Her Beez Kneez has multiple sources of revenue, and a pedal-powered invention is up next.

Kate Curran School the World
Nonprofit Founders

Feeling Lost, She Quit Her Corporate Job, Started a Social Enterprise and Reinvented Her Life

Kate Curran took a series of calculated steps to make a midlife career change and rediscover her purpose.

Rana Dajani, founder of We Love Reading, a nonprofit encouraging children in Jordan to read for fun
Working With Kids

Why a Jordanian Scientist Is on a Mission to Get Kids to Read for Pleasure

Rana Dajani has raised millions of dollars, trained thousands of volunteers, and worked with an estimated 100,000 kids to foster a love of reading.

Celeste Mergens, founder of Days for Girls, a nonprofit helping ending menstruation stigma worldwide
Girls & Women

Why This Nonprofit Cares About Periods. And How Meghan Markle Might Help

Around the world, girls miss school because of stigmas about menstruation, or because they don’t have feminine-hygiene supplies. Days for Girls wants to change that.

Norine Hill, founder of Mother Nation, helps heal Native women
Girls & Women

A Survivor Uses Sweat Lodges, Talking Circles and Dream Catchers to Bring Healing to Native Women

At Mother Nation, Norine Hill uses cultural traditions to help Native American women recover from abuse and homelessness.

Steffanie Lorig, who spent 20 years running the nonprofit Art With Heart, came up with a succession plan to put the company in Heidi Durham’s capable hands
Working With Kids

How to Retire From Your Mission-Based Baby

Steffanie Lorig, who spent 20 years running Art with Heart, has successfully left the nonprofit she founded. It’s now in Heidi Durham’s capable hands.

Dr. Rebecca Thomley, CEO of Orion Associates
Nonprofit Founders

For This CEO, Volunteerism Is as Important as Her Work

Rebecca Thomley’s company offers its employees paid time-off to help in charitable efforts — especially disaster relief. And she’s often first to sign up for a mission.

Kelly Peeler, co-founder of NextGenVest, a financial services company for Gen Z
Social Entrepreneurs

This Fintech Entrepreneur Is Banking on Disaster. Literally.

The looming spectre of a student debt crisis gets Kelly Peeler out of bed every morning. It also inspired her company.

Jennifer Bolstad, landscape architect and founder of Local Office Landscape and Urban Design, helps coastal communities cope with rising sea levels

This Landscape Architect Is Committed to Saving Coastal Communities

Jennifer Bolstad of Local Office Landscape & Urban Design is taking on the challenge of rising sea levels.

Amanda Austin's Dallas Comedy House

A Rare Woman in the Business of Making You Laugh

Amanda Austin’s Dallas Comedy House is a comedy theater focused on improv, sketch, stand-up and storytelling.

Julia Warren, founder of nonprofit Celebrate! RVA
Working With Kids

She’s Bringing Joy to Kids in Poverty

Julia Warren started nonprofit Celebrate! RVA to throw birthday parties for underprivileged children in the Richmond, Va., area.

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