Shelter in place: New mom Mia bonds with Sofie, born March 20. (Credit: Pregnant Mare Rescue)

Baby Horses Are Still Being Born: Running a Horse Sanctuary During Coronavirus

For Lynn Hummer, founder of Pregnant Mare Rescue, her work continues amidst shelter-in-place orders.

Watch Pregnant Mare Rescue's startup story. (Video credit: Sue Williams)

Inspirational Quote

9 Motivational Quotes From Famous Women Entrepreneurs

These stars of the stage, screen, sports and more are using their platforms to share words of inspiration. We’ve rounded up the quotes that give us a bigger boost than our morning coffee.

In this video, we share pieces of advice from Oprah Winfrey, Zoe Saldana, Gisele Bundchen and other celebrity women entrepreneurs. (Credit: Christina Kelly)

Trapezium Math

3 Mission-Driven Women Entrepreneurs Share What Inspired Them to Start

The number of women-led social enterprises is growing. These female founders turned ideas into businesses that are getting results.

In this video, learn how three socially conscious entrepreneurs were inspired to start their businesses. (Credit: Christina Kelly)

South Pond Farms

She Escaped the City for Life on a Farm — and Teaches a Masterclass for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Do the Same

Danielle French of South Pond Farms hosts barn weddings and culinary events. Many women want to launch similar businesses.

Leslie Bradford-Scott

An Exhausted Mom Used This Easy Sales Trick to Make Customers Buy

Leslie Bradford-Scott built Walton Wood Farm by employing the classic sales tactic of selling on emotion.

Watch Walton Wood Farm's startup story. (Video credit: Sue Williams)

Taylor Rose Berry in her shop, which was rebranded as Berry & Co. and sells more than just books.

These Women Opened Bookstores, Even When Friends & Family Said It Was a Bad Idea

Booksellers across the country said they were looking for joy, community and profits when they opened their stores. Some are flourishing.

Angela McIver

She’s Teaching Math to Kids That Need It — Which Is All of Them

Angela McIver launched Trapezium Math Club to help boost kids’ math skills. In the U.S., children’s math scores lag far behind their international peers.

La Cocina VA

An Immigrant Founder Uses Food to Lift Up Her Latino Community

Paty Funegra of La Cocina VA has raised $2 million to turn her community kitchen into an incubator, a café and a place of hope for struggling immigrants.

Nonspec Prothetics

Meet the Plastics Engineer Who’s Raised $1 Million to Make Prosthetic Legs

Erin Keaney of Nonspec is on a mission to make prosthetics affordable around the world — and that means using medical-grade plastic.

The Sex Tech Revolution Is Finally Here. And Women Are Leading It

Move over, banana. It’s the peach’s turn.

Janie's Cakes

This Texas Bakery Makes 26,000 Poundcakes a Year – and Survived a Vanilla Bust

Janie’s Cakes operates out of a small city in East Texas. But its production is impacted by severe weather around the world and other unexpected challenges.

Watch Janie's Cakes startup story. (Video credit: Sue Williams)


She Designed Fierce Female Action Figures. And Surprise! Her Customers Are Men

Julie Kerwin launched I Am Elemental to combat all those hypersexualized girl superheroes. She didn’t anticipate her newfound fans.

Beacon Academy, Boston MA

Disrupting the Stereotype of ‘Scholarship Kids’

Cindy Laba and Marsha Feinberg of Beacon Academy want kids from low-income backgrounds to thrive at the best private high schools.

Claudia Mirza Akorbi

A Successful Entrepreneur Shares What It’s Really Like to Be an Immigrant

Claudia Mirza came to the U.S. to reunite with her father. While she’s found success, she says immigration is painful.

Immigrant success story: Watch how Claudia Mirza, who came to the United States from Colombia, turned her small business idea into Akorbi, a global translation business. (Video credit: Sue Williams)

Sasha Bruce Youthworks

How a ‘Champion of Change’ Stays Inspired, Even on Soul-Crushing Days

Deborah Shore of Sasha Bruce Youthwork has worked with homeless young people for 45 years. The work is not easy.

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