Video by Sue Williams.

In this inspiring pig-filled video, we visit Wild Harmony Farm in Exeter, Rhode Island, a family farm that sells organic pork, grass-fed beef and pastured poultry. Owners Rachael Slattery and Ben Coerper use regenerative agriculture techniques, which help restore soil health and reduce the impacts of climate change. Their motto is “Healthy Land. Healthy Animals. Healthy People,” and they pledge that animals are treated humanely. “Our pig production is really special,” Rachael says. “They love to chew on the hay, root around in the dirt. They have access to clean water.” It’s sharply different from how most food in the U.S. is produced today, on industrial-scale farms. Wild Harmony Farm hopes to share its methods, like cover cropping and rotational grazing — all of which keeps carbon in the ground, rather than releasing it to the atmosphere — with other small farms who want to practice regenerative farming.