Air Protein CEO Lisa Dyson meets with Michael Roland, Chief Manufacturing Officer. (Credit: Sue Williams)

When it comes to the future of food, Dr. Lisa Dyson of Air Protein is looking to the past: NASA’s 1970s space program. “Imagine that you’re on a trip to a distant planet,” she says, “and you have to figure out how to feed yourself and the rest of your crew.” One idea explored (and shelved) by NASA scientists was turning air into protein. That long-forgotten technology is now coming to life at Air Protein. Dyson’s team of scientists, led by Dyson and Dr. John Reed, are capturing elements from the air and transforming them into sustainable meat alternatives. “We’re making food in a whole new way,” Dyson says, “food that is highly nutritious [with] 80 percent protein content, with all of the essential amino acids, and rich in minerals and vitamins.” In the above video, watch scientists like Dr. Kripa Rao use “an element of magic” to create these air-based alternatives to beef, chicken and pork in a way that doesn’t use agricultural land or emit greenhouse gases. Air Protein products may ultimately help solve twin crises — food insecurity and climate change.