Stacy Ratner, founder of Open Books

Stacy Ratner is in Business to do Good

The founder of Chicago-based Open Books has built a high-impact literacy nonprofit by applying everything she learned as a serial tech entrepreneur.

Donna Peel, founder of the nonprofit Pro Bono Network

This Woman Created the Uber of Legal Aid

Donna Peel founded the non-profit Pro Bono Network to make volunteering easy for stay-at-home moms on hiatus from legal careers.

upstate New York flower farmer

Barbara Jefts’ Flower Farm Blossoms, On Her Own Terms

The upstate New York flower farmer is creating a farm and flower business that gives her the life she wants.

Heather Sandford the piggery

This Farmer is Bringing Home the (Humanely Raised) Bacon

Heather Sandford is pursuing a three-legged strategy to grow her New York pig farm and meat business, The Piggery.

Elizabeth Rees Chasing Paper

Elizabeth Rees: Deciding to Join the Family Business. Sort of.

Elizabeth Rees, whose family owns a printing company, finds her own path with Chasing Paper.

Anne Dowling

Deciding There’s Nothing Wrong With a Lifestyle Business

Anne Dowling of Breckenridge, Colo., runs a pair of wine and cheese shops — and gets some good skiing in on powder days.

How Danae Ringelmann Came Up With Indiegogo

How Danae Ringelmann Came Up With Indiegogo

The San Francisco native says she was inspired by her small-business-owner parents to create the crowdfunding platform.

Amy Sheng of CellScope

When It Takes a Woman to Design Products for Women

Scientist Amy Sheng of CellScope is designing a device to help moms diagnose kids’ ear infections.

Melody McCloskey StyleSeat

Discouraged in School But Thriving as Tech Entrepreneur

AP Computer Science nearly derailed Melody McCloskey’s career in tech. Today she’s running StyleSeat in San Francisco.

Delia Viader, founder of Viader Winery

After a Disaster, a Winery Starts Anew

Delia Viader finds a better business model after her entire inventory goes up in smoke.

Prepared for a Male-Dominated World

Shaan Kandawalla pushed gender norms in her native Pakistan. Now, she’s ready to take on the U.S. tech scene.

Elizabeth Rees of Chasing Paper

Deciding to Join the Family Business. Sort of.

Elizabeth Rees, whose family owns a printing company, finds her own path with Chasing Paper.

Kristine Jones started a business, New England Flagger Services, on a whim in an obscure, cutthroat industry.

Learning the ABCs of Corporate Contracts

For Kristine Jones, winning corporate contracts has been game-changing. In 2008, on a whim, the former preschool teacher started New England Flagger Services in Windham, Conn., providing certified “flaggers” to manage traffic at work sites throughout the state. “I didn’t have a lot of experience,” she said. “I had to fly by the seat of my pants and learn.” The …

A Fashion Brand Keeps Its Sewing in the US

Jan Erickson of Janska is trying a lean manufacturing strategy to produce her American-made apparel.

Chef Jody Adams

Jody Adams: A Woman in the Kitchen

Chef Jody Adams counts Julia Child as her mentor. She talks about rising to the top of the male-dominated restaurant business.

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