Left: Paige Peters of Rapid Radicals Technology LLC. Right: Brittany Kendrick of Hydronomy. (Credit: Courtesy of the companies)

With climate change causing more intense storms, flooding and drought, we talk to female scientists with innovative ways to get us out of this mess. Against a backdrop of thunder, we share the story of Paige Peters, who was studying at Marquette University in Milwaukee when a superstorm in 2010 caused raw sewage to seep into people’s basements. She has invented technology to treat wastewater at lightning speed — handy during storms — and dubbed her company Rapid Radicals. Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, N.Y., Brittany Kendrick is working on Hydronomy, her solution to the lack of clean drinking in countless U.S. cities. Her solar-powered invention literally sucks moisture from the sky. In this podcast, learn about the water crisis and how women are fighting back.


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