Deborah A. Culp: Journalist, Consultant & Photographer – From Surviving Tragedy to Finding Her Voice

Deborah A. Culp_YSEName: Deborah A. Culp

Business Name: Deborah A. Culp Journalist, Consultant & Photographer, a freelance journalist and social media consultant

Type of Business: Marketing & PR, Writing

Business Location: Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Twitter @DeborahCulp
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Reason for starting
Drawing from 20 years of hard won experience in the Media, Entertainment and Marketing Industries, I learned firsthand, how many obstacles and draw backs can affect both established and startup businesses and non-profits. In my life, I’ve been from one extreme to another, personally and professionally. After the deaths of my daughter, husband of 25 years and my dear Mother in Law – I became very despondent, lost my will to live and depressed. I threw in the proverbial towel, picked up a nasty prescription drug habit and subsequently had a nervous breakdown. My remaining child, a son who is now a Sergeant in the USMC, returned home from his 1st Afghanistan deployment to “literally rescue and re-locate me, from me and in general.” Thank goodness after 3 years the rescue took and I jumped in with both feet to take advantage of my second chance. I wanted to support and to take care of myself via my skills and abilities and resources and to help others, get a leg up or a second chance too.

How do you define success?
I define success by being grateful for each day and to do all in your power to make the most of it. To give 110 %, never to say insignificant things such as: “it’s not my problem, it’s not my job, or I don’t know.” For what we don’t know, there are answers somewhere for the taking. Success to me is to help others, lend a hand while maintaining your professionalism in the process. Never take anyone or anything for granted or for its face value, some of the best information and resources may be hidden in plain sight. Last to never ask of someone, something that you wouldn’t do yourself. Money is very important and it’s best to enjoy your work, do it with a sincere passion and the rest will fall into place!

Biggest Success
To have started my “Guerilla Marketing DAC Style” Consultations, the groundwork for the YouTube TV, Radio and Social Media Marketing courses and the accompanying literature. The goal of this venture is to teach others how to cut corners, save time and provide insight into where or how, one can actually get started, stay in business with a grass roots plan or approach. The “Guerilla Marketing DAC Style” can work for almost anyone.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
Overcoming the unforeseen life changes that took me down 5 years ago; the death of my daughter, husband and Mother In Law. . Allowing God to do what he does best in my book, and taking the Brass ring in hand, to get to where I am today and looking forward to what lies ahead.

Who is your most important role model?
That would include four women who are very dear to me, and have proved it unconditionally! Karen F. Williams, Sharon DuMas-Pugh, Mildred Warren and Patsy Jones. Of course, my son – who has grown into a fine young man, defender of our beautiful country and always, “my Hero!”

Posted: October 20, 2013

The Story ExchangeDeborah A. Culp: Journalist, Consultant & Photographer – From Surviving Tragedy to Finding Her Voice
  • Thank you Story Exchange, I feel honored & blessed. Deborah A. Culp

  • LaShaunta Johnson

    No matter how many times I hear your story it never ceases to amaze me how resilient you have been through every trial!!! This epitomizes the trial of faith and you Ms. Culp have come out as pure gold! I love you and encourage you to keep pushing until you complete the work set before you!!!

    LaShaunta Johnson

    • Wow! Such kind words Mrs. Johnson, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My story is not one easy to tell, but it does get easier with time and by God allowing me to do the work that I am blessed to do. Be it volunteer or compensated I love what I do and the people which I am blessed to do the work with or for. Thanks again dear, you are an amazing woman yourself. Remain blessed. DAC

  • Avella Ballard

    I commend you and thank you for sharing your story and yourself. The work that you do illustrates the talent and fortitude in you. You definately don’t resemble what you have fought your way through. Continue to propel others forward while you complete your own story. Your work is always worthy.

  • Publicist Cam H.

    Thank you my sister and Queen for your heart felt sharing of “your story”and your expertise. You are indeed a”Diamond”and so appreciated by so many. My daughter had been enamored by you and shares that she would love to have you as the writer of “her story”Thank you Queen AKA #GodsWriterGirl definitely a Blessing in the lives of others. May you always have continued success. Love you DAC