More than 1,000 women business owners have shared their stories with us—and showed the world the richness of female entrepreneurship.

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Our nonprofit media project has been collecting the stories of women business owners since in 2012, when we launched the “1,000 Stories” project in partnership with Babson College in an effort to better understand the needs of women entrepreneurs and give them more media exposure. We issued a global call to women with businesses, social enterprises, and nonprofits to share their experiences with us through a questionnaire, and have those experiences documented and shared. 

In November 2015, we reached our goal of collecting 1,000 stories. Women from 50 countries and all sorts of industries crisscrossing the global economy have told us why they started companies or organizations — and what they hoped to achieve. Each woman’s submission was published on our site in a profile page. And we tap these stories regularly for women to profile in articles, videos and our podcast.

We also analyzed the entries as a group when we reached the 1,000-stories mark and published a package of articles detailing our findings. The result is a uniquely deep look at why women start companies, how they view success, their top challenges and their most inspiring role models. We also created an online interactive map to help readers explore the stories. 

The results of our 1,000 Stories journey were so rich — and the women’s voices and contributions so powerful and important — that we decided to extend the project out into the future. In January 2016, we relaunched the project as 1,000+ Stories with an improved questionnaire and reissued our call to women to tell us their stories — so we can tell them to the world.

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The Story Exchange’s 1,000+ Stories project is inspiring women entrepreneurs and making them more visible. Explore female startup stories, and learn how women are remaking entrepreneurship here: #1000Stories