The women behind the crowdfunding campaigns highlighted below are flaunting their entrepreneurial skills by launching an array of intriguing new businesses. From a healthy, delicious brunch cafe in England to an online magazine helping fund research for metastatic breast cancer here in the United States, this week’s crowdfunders are developing fascinating ventures from the ground up.

Check out these 5 women-led crowdfunding campaigns:

1.Your (Mostly) Healthy Eatery (via Indiegogo)

Credit: Emily's Indiegogo Page
Credit: Emily’s Indiegogo campaign

The Business: Nestled in the community-driven and growing cathedral city of Truro, England, is an outdated, shabby cafe in need of an update. Emily Maher, a nutrition professional and lover of healthy food, is looking to turn this unprofitable space into Emily’s: a {Mostly} Healthy Eatery. She hopes it will be a hub for a great cup of coffee, as well as a hotspot for nutritious, delicious breakfast, brunch and lunch offerings — all prepared with an emphasis on fresh produce. Maher is also looking to transform the space into an environment that fosters togetherness, conversation and encouragement.
The Money: Maher is looking to raise $16,000 by October 11, and is currently at 28 percent of her goal. The funds will be put toward equipment repairs, upcoming renovations and rebranding efforts. This campaign has a fixed goal, which means that if $16,000 is not raised, she will not receive anything.

2. Let the Belt Choose You (via Kickstarter)

The Business: Bridget Clark created her Minneapolis-based company, Benta, to market quality leather belts with interesting design elements. Using her skills as a jewelry designer and metalsmith, Clark created a new line of leather belts for both men and women who are looking for quality leather with skilled embroidery. From minimalist in nature to embroidered all over, she offers a full line of belts for all tastes and personalities.
The Money: With only 6 days to go, Clark has raised 83 percent of her $12,000 goal. The money will be used for production of the belts for both online and wholesale orders. Clark’s goal is to raise enough for her long-term plan of expanding the selection of styles available to appeal to a wider — even global — market.

3. Finding Your ‘Reason to Bake’ (via Kickstarter)

The Business: Few commercially available cookies taste good unless they contain gluten — but that’s about to change. Reason to Bake is a North Carolina company looking to provide gluten-free cookies to shoppers that they say are so good, you’ll never miss the gluten! Started by Elise Sampson and her daughter, Carolyn Sampson, the Reason to Bake team is looking to grow its client base and create a community for its fledgling baking business. Carolyn Sampson, who is diagnosed with Down Syndrome, started the project with her mother in hopes of reaching out to other families whose children also have special needs. Their goal is to create a movement for special needs entrepreneurs by helping these families look beyond limitations in pursuit of their dreams.
The Money: The Sampsons are looking to raise $20,000, and are currently at 35 percent of their overall goal, which they hope to reach by or before October 14. The proceeds will go toward new packaging, shipping costs, local taxes and fees, and more. If the goal is met, the Sampsons will immediately set to work on fulfilling orders, with production slated to take place in November and December of this year.

4. Custom Conversation Starters (via Kickstarter)

Credit: Rusticly Inclined Facebook page
Credit: Rusticly Inclined Facebook page

The Business: Custom decor tends to be a great conversation starter in many homes, and Rusticly Inclined understands that. Founded by Maryland business owner Bethany Yarrington, Rusticly Inclined is looking to turn a new effort into an established entrepreneurial endeavor. The company specializes in making gifts for different occasions, and is currently offering its work through pop-up shops at local fairs. It’s demanding work, Yarrington says, but she’s dedicated to meeting demands from already-eager customers so her business can thrive.
The Money: Yarrington is looking to raise $5,000 by October 16, money that will help turn her small decor line into a creative entrepreneurial venture. Backers of the project can receive custom decor pieces as rewards, including a brush calligraphy thank you card, a custom coffee mug and a wooden American flag.

5. A Safe Online Space for Breast Cancer Patients (via Indiegogo)

The Business: When three friends were diagnosed with breast cancer, they banded together to create a safe space that gives a voice to those living with the disease. That space is The Underbelly, an online magazine based in Atlanta run by Melissa McAllister, Melanie Childers and Susan Rahn. The trio is looking to educate the public by recounting authentic experiences, while also helping fund research for metastatic breast cancer. The Underbelly isn’t looking to raise awareness per se, but rather to make a difference by raising donations that will go towards finding a cure, while helping women get information on their disease and find an understanding community.
The Money: The magazine, which does not charge subscription fees, has about a month left to raised $20,000. The trio is currently at 11 percent of their flexible fundraising goal. The team behind The Underbelly plans on using those funds to pay writers, cover investor returns, set up a store and foster growth of their online company.

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