Model and author Emily Ratajkowski often invites guests on her podcast “High Low with EmRata” to discuss some of the most taboo topics for women, such as egg-freezing, nonmonogamy, sex work and more. (Credit: YouTube screenshot, Emily Ratajkowski)

“I’ve been listening to this great new podcast…” is something you’ve probably heard at every dinner party. Podcasts are trending right now, and for good reason – they allow you to multitask in a way that books, videos and news articles can’t. You can listen while driving, while running, while watching your kid on the playground, while you’re sunbathing and need to flip on your stomach so you tan evenly…the possibilities are endless.

All hosted by women, these podcasts offer a sense of camaraderie and trust you’d expect to find within a close group of friends. You’ll laugh at the silly banter and listen intently to expert advice from guests. The conversation flows in “Nobody Panic” – and in “Drunk Girls Solving Crime,” so does the wine. 

Here are our top picks for podcasts worth listening to this summer.


It’s Me, Tinx

Christina Najjar (best known by her nickname, Tinx) first went viral for her satirical “Rich Mom Starter Pack” TikToks in which she lists essential clothing, cars and even restaurant orders for rich moms living in different regions, from Tribeca to Malibu. Her sense of humor carries over to her podcast, but is anchored by more serious topics like loneliness, failure, therapy, relationships – all the highs and lows of life in your thirties. In classic radio show style, she frequently lets listeners call in so she can listen to their woes and give advice – which has cemented her status as “the internet’s big sister.” Plus, she sticks to her roots by encouraging all her fans to embody “rich mom energy,” which she has described as “more of an attitude of living well, getting a lot done, and having fun doing it.”


High Low with EmRata

Whether you know Emily Ratajkowski from her modeling career or from her bestselling book, “My Body,” you’ll definitely want to meet this new side of her in her podcast, “High Low with EmRata.” The title nods to the medley of highbrow and lowbrow talking points that make the podcast so appealing for people of all interests. The model and author happily gives listeners the inside scoop on glamorous topics like what the Met Gala is really like, but isn’t afraid to get vulnerable and share her experiences with pregnancy and divorce. She often invites guests on the show to discuss some of the most taboo topics for women, such as egg-freezing, nonmonogamy, sex work and more. If you’re looking for real talk but can’t find anyone brave enough to start the conversation, you’ve come to the right place.


Lady Don’t Take No

Sometimes, politics can be overwhelming. When news outlets fail to provide a clear explanation of what’s going on in the world, it’s better to listen to a person who will cut through all the B.S. That’s where Alicia Garza, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, comes in with her podcast covering some crucial talking points. She hosts fireside chats with guests who are making big strides in their fields, from Megan Rapinoe to Roxane Gay, asking them thoughtful questions that lead to insightful conversations about politics and activism. Plus, just when you feel like you need a break to process all the heavy talk, Garza sweeps in with hair and makeup tips – because according to its bio, this podcast is for “people who like their political commentary with a side of beauty recommendations.”


Nobody Panic

Are you looking for a guide for how to be “a fully functioning adult without screaming all the time”? Look no further. This podcast, hosted by Stevie Martin and Tessa Coates, is a one-stop-shop for answers to both the basic and burning questions you ask yourself on a daily basis. The English comedians engage in banter that makes you feel as though you’re sitting at the kitchen table with two old friends who are just as confused about life as you are. But their quips are always punctuated by words of wisdom from expert guests. All the episodes are conveniently labeled as how-to guides, so you can choose from a list of innocent titles like “How to Host a Dinner Party” and chaotic ones like “How to Exact Revenge”… if that’s something you ever need to do.


Drunk Women Solving Crime

With true crime being all the rage, it’s only fair that we include one crime podcast in this list. Except this one has a twist: it’s three women who try to solve true crime cases while getting drunk. Writer/comedian hosts Hannah George, Catie Wilkins and Taylor Glenn agree that “when women sit around and drink, we try to solve the world’s problems.” So that’s what they do – they take listeners on a boozed-up who-dunnit ride, swapping their own crime tales, well-known cases and even stories submitted by listeners. We like how this podcast feels interactive – you get to put the pieces together at the same time as the hosts. And if you want to really get into the spirit of the show, pour yourself a glass (or four) of wine and see if you still have what it takes to solve crime.


The Guilty Feminist

I’m a feminist but… one time I went on a women’s rights march, and I popped into a department store to use the loo, and I got distracted trying out face cream. And when I came out the march was gone.

If you ever feel like you’re a bad feminist, Deborah Frances-White wants you to know you’re not alone. From this opening anecdote, you know you have a host who trusts you with all her bad-feminist confessions right off the bat, which makes it easy for you to trust her, too. Frances-White hosts “The Guilty Feminist” in front of a live audience, using comedy as a tool for discussing insecurity and hypocrisy with an array of guests who identify as feminists. Listening to this podcast feels like spilling all your secrets with a best friend – this is a safe space.


The Story Exchange

Of course, we couldn’t let an opportunity slip by to shamelessly plug our own podcast. So if you haven’t listened to our podcast already, be sure to check out “The Story Exchange,” hosted by our very own Colleen DeBaise and Sue Williams. You already know we publish stories about a variety of topics centered around women, but did you know our podcast offers in-depth, behind-the-scenes discussions with women leaders? The episodes all focus on bringing women’s voices to decision-making spaces, covering topics like artificial intelligence, vaccines, and even a three-part series on suffrage. It highlights the overlooked triumphs of women in every field, from medicine to business, while inspiring listeners to pursue their own passions.