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If activist Greta Thunberg has inspired you to make a lifestyle change, then you may be looking to support businesses who are dedicated to making our world more eco-friendly.  No worries — we’ve put together a list of inspiring women who have started businesses to combat climate change or tackle other environmental issues. These women are selling products that help customers go green, while also educating consumers about how to live an eco-conscious life.

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1. Tree

Nicole Wakley’s home furnishings company showcases the “beauty of imperfection” by selling pieces made from recyclable materials like reclaimed teak —  a contrast to the perfection of mass-produced items. Her eco-passion for sustainability also caused her to partner with Trees4Trees to help plant tens of thousands of trees.

Jody Levy WTRMLN WTR watermelon water2. WTRMLN WTR

Jody Levy is trying to combat our food waste problem with her company, WTRMLN WTR. Her product is made out of melons that would be considered ugly, and also serves as a healthy alternative to sugary drinks like soda. In addition, she works hard to make her product available to places that don’t normally have access to healthy foods, like low-income neighborhoods in urban areas.

3. Bee’s Wrap

Sarah Kaeck’s business in Vermont makes a wax-coated cloth wrap designed to be a replacement to Ziploc bags. She uses ethically sourced organic custom-woven fabric from India, tree resin from Indonesia and jojoba oil and beeswax from the United States. Her company fights plastic use as well as partnering with The Bee Cause Project to help save the bees.

4. Goldies

Sarah Trogdon’s brand sells organic soaps, candles and other all-natural products. Trogdon’s business is focused on what is good for the environment as well as her customers. Her products are ethically packaged and she makes sure that her products are sourced well and free of harmful chemicals.

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5. U Konserve

Lynn Julian and Chance Claxton started a business to make kids’ school lunches more eco-friendly. They sell compartmentalized containers to put in lunch boxes as well as alternatives to plastic baggies. They say they’re proud of the fact that they have been able to make the Earth a better place for their kids.

6. Agathos Athleisure

Samantha Martin is fighting fast fashion through an online marketplace for activewear brands that are ethical, sustainable, fair trade, organic or philanthropic. She says she was inspired to start up to fight against the exploitation of workers in the fashion industry.

Angela Tsai Mamachic scarves for moms7. Mamachic

Angela Tsai discovered a need for versatile and durable goods when traveling all over the country with her performer husband. She holds fast to minimalism and her eco-friendly roots, and challenges others to purchase thoughtfully and live minimally.

8. EarthKind

Kari Warberg Block launched a company based on her own desires to have a kid- and pet-safe repellant. She started using herbal mixes in pouches to see what kept away the creatures — and those pouches are now the backbone of her multimillion-dollar company.

9. The Full Edit 

Colleen Coughlin is a former Victoria’s Secret designer who quit because she was frustrated with fashion waste. Her company helps her clients to purge, organize and reorganize their closets to be more eco-conscious. The Full Edit also helps her clients cut their own fashion waste and resell their high end fashion brands.

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