Learn how entrepreneur Roxanne Joffe found an unexpected role model in a celebrity news personality.

Roxanne Joffe, President & Co-founder of CAP Brand Marketing

Roxanne Joffe is the president and co-founder of CAP Brand Marketing, an integrated communications firm based in Florida. Roxanne is a serial entrepreneur with a focus on community leadership. Her interests in mentoring and community leadership is evidenced through her inclusion in the International Women’s Forum and as a recipient of the Athena Award.

In 2010 Roxanne started a blog geared towards women in business and women entrepreneurs. Through the blog she offers advice and tips on work-life balance, mentoring, leadership and communication. Recently diagnosed with breast cancer, Roxanne is chronicling and sharing her journey with her readers as she negotiates the world after cancer. Roxanne was kind enough to share her experiences with us here.

As I have traveled my breast cancer journey, I stumbled upon an unsuspecting role model – at least to me – in a “reality show” star. It was even more surprising because I am not a groupie and way past the age demographic of identifying with a reality show celebrity.

But on the morning of the day that I was diagnosed 6 weeks ago I happened to be watching the Today Show and saw an interview with Giuliana Rancic. She talked about her bi-lateral mastectomy, the notion of which horrified me. This happened as I was waiting to hear that I didn’t actually have breast cancer — but was just being cautious.

Of course the news that I did have cancer came later that day. Even with that news I was still thinking, “Well, at least I don’t have to have a mastectomy.”

Wrong again. After reviewing my pathology, I was faced with a choice — which I made within five seconds. My husband later told me that it typically took me way longer to buy a pair of shoes!

I went home and watched Giuliana’s videos, read some blogs and I have to say that I was in awe of her attitude, presence and positive approach. If she could do this, so could I. I decided that rather than see myself as an afflicted victim, I would re-imagine myself as a “breast cancer diva” with the hope that I can inspire courage and comfort for other women in this situation.

Watch Giuliana and Bill Rancic’s interview on the Today Show

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