Your Name: Bridget Orsetti

Business Name: Saratoga Gifts and Videos, a provider of high quality Canadian products

Type of Business: Home & Housewares

Business Location: British Colombia, Canada


Reason for starting
I purchased this business because I love the time flexibility of being a business owner. I have 2 small children and have chosen to spend as much time as possible with them while still pursuing a successful career. I love the challenge of owning a business, the constant growth, change and decisions that come at me daily. This particular business taps into one of my passions, that being quality products made by people who care. I am committed to selling gifts that are not packaged and made with extreme care to last a lifetime. We are a family owned business in a small tight knit community and have become a hub of sorts. We offer exceptional customer service and truly care about our client’s needs and experience with us.

How do you define success?
Health, happiness and an in tact family! And I enjoy going to work! Winning!!!

Biggest Success
My biggest business success to date is transforming this video rental business into a thriving gift store that features Canadian made, high quality products. Inadvertently and quite unexpectedly I have become a role model to young staff that we employ, who grow and evolve with us. I am a huge supporter of independence and personal growth through pursuing passions and supporting others. Our success in our community is due to our commitment to supporting the local youth and sponsoring fun, community events several times a year. We focus on community events that support people we know that are in need. Personally I am successful in spending important, quality time with my 2 small children. My husband and I have managed to remain committed to our family first and then business and the rest!

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
My top challenge has been determining what type of people we want on our team and then finding them and keeping them! Being a boss while running a business is extremely challenging and is learnt only by trial and error! I am happy to say we now know who we want working for us and we are much better at leading and retaining them! I lead by example and from behind. After the initial skills training period I determine what the staff’s strengths are and work to give them projects that are in line with their own passions. This method has had a positive impact on our business and its growth.

Who is your most important role model?
My mom, she is a business partner. Her strength, integrity and dedication to the important things has deeply inspired me! She has demonstrated unconditional love and gives her time without expecting anything in return. She has extremely high expectations of herself and others and all around her rise to their best! She has been a big player in my children’s lives and our business life.