Your Name: Corrina Jacobs

Business Name: Investours

Type of Business: Social Enterprise

Business Location: Mexico

U.S. State: Massachusetts

Reason for starting
I have always been an avid traveler, but before Investours I did not realize tourism’s potential to affect positive change in the world. I am passionate about my work to provide opportunities for direct cross-cultural interactions that stimulate local economic growth in Mexico and Tanzania.

Biggest Success
This past April, I hosted an event for Investours in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico called our “Women Mean Business” Fair Trade Market. It was a unique opportunity for the female artisans we work with to sell their products downtown, where most never visit, and also be recognized for their work. It was an empowering night and one I will never forget.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
We are such a small team! Resources are tight and the challenge is always to try to do more with less.

Who is your most important role model?
My role models have become the artisans we support. For example, Luz is a single mother of two young boys who started a business selling tamales to her neighbors. Through hard work and dedication, she now supports her children through her business. She is also one of the most positive and generous people, a true inspiration.