Follow these 8 steps to get the most juice out of your media attention

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If your company has received some press coverage that’s great news! But you need to leverage that big win to keep the momentum going. Here are eight tips that I recommend to my clients to get the most juice from media success.

1. Prepare a Press Release – Write a press release about your major press and include personal quotes about your excitement and how this will impact your business and/or your costumers. Be sure to find great online outlets to post your news release.

2. Spread the Word on Social Media — Tell all of your family, friends and followers about your success. Update your Facebook status, Tweet and be sure to use LinkedIn, Google+ and any other social media sites you’re on. Your peeps will be happy for your success and hopefully also share your news with their friends and family, creating even more buzz for you.

3. Blog about it – Tell your audience about the entire experience, i.e. what it was like to be interviewed, if you were nervous or if something funny happened, if the news was totally unexpected, etc. They will be happy to relive the experience with you through your prose. Plus you’re updating your website, which is always great for SEO and a nice added bonus.

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4. Update Your Press Section – If you have a website, you should have a News/Press section. Be sure to include the coverage on your Press page so when potential clients are looking at your website, they know that you’ve been socially vetted and will be more like to engage with your products or services and become a customer.
[pullquote]Print a nice poster or sign to display in your store or add “As Featured on” to the home page of your website.[/pullquote]
5. Update Your Media Kit – Make sure to include this great piece of press and include any logos or links that pertain to your press.

6. Notify Your Local News Media – Local news producers are always looking for great stories that feature local businesses. Using your updated Media Kit, pitch a producer of one or more of your local TV channels or write an editor about your recent press coverage. If you don’t know how to pitch to the media, hire a PR person to help you so it’s done right.

7. Tell Your Customers – Print a nice poster or sign to display in your store or add “As Featured on” to the home page of your website. If applicable, update other marketing collateral with a logo or blurb about your coverage. Additionally, if there are some special customers that you know are rooting for you and your business every step of the way, send them a private message or email about your success. They will be happy you shared the news.

8. Have Fun and Enjoy it – All of your long hours and hard work are finally paying off. Take a few minutes to reflect on your journey and live in the moment of this accomplishment.

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