Robot Missions aims to solve Earth’s garbage problem with 3D-printed robots.

Its tech expert founder, Erin Kennedy, launched the social enterprise in 2016 to inspire everyone from governments to individuals to “make more intelligent decisions to tackle this pollution problem.” Her proposal? Deploy garbage-collecting 3D-printed robots like those designed by her company.

To date, her organization has performed 20 field tests with its robot prototypes. Now, it’s crowdfunding to perform more trials this summer. These tests would focus on shoreline cleanup and seeing how well the machines collect everything from cigarette butts to single-use cutlery. Kennedy hopes they can become “a solution that can be implemented around the world.”

Robot Missions also hosts interactive workshops that feature its robots in partnership with the likes of the Canada Science and Technology Museum. In these seminars, participants learn about current environmental problems and potential solutions, including the potential role of Kennedy’s innovations.

Kennedy’s work has been recognized by companies like IBM and by government officials in the city of Ottawa. But acclaim isn’t her aim. Her dream is “helping our planet with environmental robots.”

The Money: Kennedy has 7 days left to reach her Kickstarter fundraising goal of $10,465 in American dollars. The money she raises will be used to hire four contractors to help with Robot Missions’ summer field tests.