Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Stop Saying “Good Guy” in the Boardroom
Kara Swisher, Recode Decode podcast
Aileen Lee, managing partner of Cowboy Ventures, talks in this podcast episode about her special perspective on the tech industry’s gender-diversity gap. As one of Silicon Valley’s few female VCs, Lee says men can get nominated as a target investor for simply being a “great guy,” while women must have a strong professional background to be considered. The losers include companies seeking funding. Lee explains to Recode Decode host Kara Swisher that companies perform better if they have gender diversity.

How Men & Women See the Workplace Differently
Nikki Waller, The Wall Street Journal
Men and women work together, and they deal with the same management problems and engage in the same business meetings during the week. But a new study by and McKinsey & Co shows that women believe their gender will make it harder to advance up the corporate ladder to senior positions. Nikki Waller, WSJ’s bureau chief of management, tackles the reasons why corporate careers come in “his and her” flavors and why women, indeed, face a steeper trek to the top.

Closing the Wage Gap Would Help Rich Women Vastly More than Poor Women
Ryan Cooper, The Week
The wage gap between women and men in the United States is slowly improving. But approaching the subject from a class perspective, as Cooper does in this piece, shows that the gap is much larger at higher incomes than at lower ones, setting up a “potential intra-left conflict between meritocrats, who would close the wage gap, and egalitarians, who would close it while also flattening the overall distribution.” What’s more important, lifting up poor women with policies like minimum wage increases or making workplaces more fair for well-off women?

The Untold Story About Black Women and Abortions
P.R. Lockhart, Mother Jones
Abortion continues to be a divisive topic in America, and moral and religious passions often rob the national conversation of nuance. To look deeper, filmmaker Dawn Porter made a documentary, “Trapped,” that focuses on black women’s experiences — and the heartbreaking reason — financial hardship — that drives too many of them to terminate pregnancies. “The stories of black women, particularly those who already have children and cite financial reasons as the chief motivation for their abortions, often go unheard in political debates over abortion access,” Lockhart laments.

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