Your Name: Holly Landau

Business Name: Landau Leadership, a service for leadership development

Type of Business: Coaching & Consulting

Business Location: Boca Raton, Florida, United States

Twitter @LeadershipMuse

Reason for starting
I started my business in 2008 because I thought I could take all the lessons I learned in the military and in corporate life and turn this wisdom into leadership curriculum that I could share with corporations. My team and I custom design leadership and team building curriculum that helps people reach their potential. I wanted to do honorable work and this is very fulfilling.

How do you define success?
On a practical level, I used to define success as being able to earn the salary that I was earning at my corporate job. When I achieved that goal a few years ago, I started looking to scale my business by landing clients in new industries and adding more talented consultants to my team. I’m also a serial entrepreneur, so I just started another business this year, Finally, I feel successful because I designed my own career and I can give meaningful work to others.

Biggest Success
My biggest success so far is landing American Express OPEN as a client. They hired me to represent their brand by facilitating workshops at business conferences. I had a blast and I was able to meet so many motivated people who attended the conferences.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
My top challenge is deciding which vertical to explore when growing my business (online leadership classes, public seminars, more corporate training, government contracting, etc). It turns out, I’m able to explore all of them to some extent. I will then determine which ones are the most viable and then put my efforts and attention to the ones where we see sustainable growth.

Who is your most important role model?
I have so many role models. I’m in a Mastermind group that includes three other dynamic women who are all entrepreneurs. I costantly learn from these women and we keep each other motivated. I’d highly recommend joining or forming a Mastermind group to all all entrepreneurs.