Daisy Jing launched her beauty business, Banish, in 2012 from her home kitchen to meet a need she saw for effective, all-natural skincare products for people struggling with dermatological issues. Problematic skin “is not just a physical condition,” she told us last fall, recalling her earlier struggles with blemishes, breakouts and scars. There are “confidence issues you go through when you’re not happy with your appearance. It takes a toll mentally and emotionally.”

Scores of people seem to agree. Since starting up, Jing, who is 27, has turned Banish into a multi-million dollar business with a significant social media following. The company is poised for continued growth in 2017, she says, aided by plans for new promotional efforts and the development of an online forum for customers.

Indeed, much of Jing’s life is focused on her business — a fact she celebrates. With plans for family still off on the horizon, she’s enjoying her freedom “to travel, to go to conferences and meet people who are like-minded. I don’t live an extravagant lifestyle, but I have a lot more flexibility,” she says. “I’m a very independent woman. I don’t rely on anyone to take care of me.”