Several years ago, Cracked Candy founder Flora Pringle moved to New York City from her home across the pond in England. There, she was a science teacher. Here, she felt a bit lost, she told us when we featured her in our 2014 holiday gift guide — that is, until she discovered xylitol, the natural sweetener she uses to make a line of teeth-friendly candies.

Since then, Pringle says her company has expanded significantly. For some time, she has outsourced production of the candy itself. Finding the right partners wasn’t easy — “I knocked on a lot of doors, and there were a lot of false starts,” she says. But now, with the candy-making handled by others, she has been freed up to focus on the financials, marketing and overall growth of the business. And Cracked Candy has since found its way into small stores around the country. In 2018, Pringle says it will be introducing new flavors. Further down the road, she hopes to bring on investors who can help her realize her dream of selling Cracked Candy in big box stores.

But already, Pringle’s entrepreneurial journey has changed her life in a host of ways, she says. It has given her increased flexibility and confidence, as well as expanded her network of fellow women business owners. She has grown proud of her identity as an immigrant entrepreneur and relishes the chance to play her part in growing America’s economy, she says. “I’m so proud to provide work for people and give back to this amazing country.”