The Story Exchange, Jamille Jones, Prosperity VenturesYour Name: Jamille Jones

Business Name: Prosperity Ventures LLC, a virtual communications service

Type of Business: Telecommunications

Business Location: Springfield, Missouri, United States

Twitter   @ProsperityIBO

Reason for starting
I started my business working part time as an independent contractor under another company. I balanced working a full time brick and mortor job and going to cosmetology school part time as well coming home late at night to work again on my business. I was so committed to find something that would work. At the time I just knew I wanted to find out more about the industry I was embarking into, due to so many goals I had in mind. I wanted something that would make my life just a bit more flexible. So I struggled through my training courses even while in the hardest point of my life. Both my grandmother and father were in the hospital fighting death and while I continued to be there and support them it motivated me even more to want to protect my family and have some type of work that would allow me to be there for them through such a hard time. It was so hard to have to go to work when I knew a family member was in pain. My position became somewhat of a miracle just meant to be. I continued to go to school and fill up my days with work and stress. About four months into working so hard and balancing all of my responsibilities I found out I was 3 months unexpectedly pregnant another very rocky situation that took my emotions on such a roller coaster ride I did not know what to do. I became sick started missing work at my regular job and eventually had to quit. I did not know what to do and such I even held off on my job at home and did very minimum hours to get by. However as I became calm again it dawned to me that God had placed in my little hand an opportunity that was at the right place at the right time. I was now a single mother no one wanted to hire me while in my late pregnancy and I had too many doctors appointments. I was able to work at home , schedule my own hours and tend to my personal family as I pleased. No longer did I have to answer to someone telling me I could not go to the bathroom and If I felt I needed to take a small nap as most pregnant women do I could do so. It felt so great to have that there as a back up plan. Once I had my baby things got even more clear to me. I was now a single mother ready to begin a new life and going back to work was no option. I tried to continue going to the salon as I had graduated from school. Lugging my baby back and forth with me due to not having any baby sitter or help was not allowing me to accomplish the goals I wished for. So I took on my business full time. Cared for my child accomplished many hours working customer service while she sat on my lap. If I needed to make a bottle I could do it also. All while working I was able to balance. I prayed and thanked God for such an opportunity I feel as if it saved me from many frustrations. I incorporated my business in 2012 and decided it was time for me to share this wonderful opportunity with other like me who needed a way to tend to their personal lives and work at home making good income all at the same time. Now that I know it is possible I want to help many many people do the same. My goal is to represent them assist them and even encourage their advancement to become incorporated themselves. I just love what I do. I have a big passion for people. I want the world to know that their lives can be everything they want and more if only they invest time and money into themselves and have faith in an opportunity that will be everlasting if you put forth the effort no matter what situation life brings you.

How do you define success?
Success is to me is defined in your heart. Success is when you have accomplished things that you have always wanted to accomplish and you have done so with 110% of your effort. It could be changing the way you live to breaking into an opportunity that you thought would never be possible. It can be financial or it can be a stage in life that makes you feel so calm and comfortable inside and stress is no longer. Many people have different types of success some little and some small. My personal success is that I have found a way of life to live that allows me to balance my own work and personal responsibilities and potentially change the lives of others in a great way.

Biggest Success
My biggest success would be that I have learned to appreciate hard work and dedication. I have learned to be patient in life in order to have the greatest things. Sometimes in my life I have always wanted things to be my way and in the world we live “Right now” Is a very easy to come by. However pain and suffering to me has been exposed to be a good thing because at the end my prize is so much larger and my success means so much more to me.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
My top challenge in my business is to get others to understand that investment into themselves does not mean a waist of money. In a time where money does not come easy its sometimes easy to waist our money on things that come now and not things where the reward comes later. It is sometimes a big challenge to educate others that the long process of training and the small investment will be well worth the time and effort in the end. It’s a feeling of accomplishment that can only be felt once it has been completed. Some stray away because their mind is still cultivated to the word job where everything is handed and done for them. My opportunity handles independent contractor where you take care of the things essential to make you successful. So I have handled this by merrily instilling in each individual that they are capable of making such things happen using myself as and example.

Who is your most important role model?
My most important role model is my grandmother. She cared for 10 children as a young single mother. When she was on this earth she instilled into me to love God and keep peace in my heart. Daily I think of her words and overcome obstacles using God in my life to allow stress to go down and my production to increase. My grandmother Georgia Jones was a strong woman and I would love to go one step from her accomplishments and continue to make my family strong.