Maggie Spicer; Whisk Creative LLC; The Story Exchange Your Name: Maggie Spicer

Business Name: Whisk Creative LLC, a service to enhance corporate well being

Type of Business: Employee Perks and Corporate WellBeing

Business Location: San Francisco, California, United States

Twitter @whisksf

Reason for starting
Whisk was inspired by two local trends: a sea change in new company culture, with leadership taking a truly holistic view of employees’ well-being; and the blossoming talent of local business owners bringing new passion to traditional skills, who show us incredible ways to taste, move, learn and thrive in the world around us. Bridging those worlds gave birth to Whisk.

How do you define success?
Creating a full-circle ecosystem in which local businesses support one another, and people with quality skills–be they cocktail specialists, architectural tour guides, bakers, pedi cab pushers, magicians, or flowering branch designers–have a lifestyle-sustaining audience with which to share their craft. Success is people satisfied with the projects they choose to spend their time, passion, and skills working on.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
Our top challenge is helping people to envision and practice living with true work/life balance. We’re innovating the relationship people have with their daily work routine, the level of quality with which they interact with their co-workers and peers. We’re bringing a fresh take to the notion of “corporate wellness”; it’s such a simple concept to be happy at work but it’s very difficult to grasp if we’re caught in a routine that’s all work and no balance.