The Story Exchange, Mary Juetten, Traklight.comYour Name: Mary Juetten

Business Name:, a self-guided software platform that creates IP strategy

Type of Business: Software as a Service

Business Location: Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Twitter   @traklight

Reason for starting
While in law school, I heard stories of intellectual property (IP) losses and accidental infringement amongst startups and entrepreneurs. Much of this seemed to be due to the lack of awareness and education around IP. I wanted to create some simple, affordable, self-service tools to educate and empower.

How do you define success?
Success is happiness. It sounds really corny but there is really no success for me if our team is not happy. We win together and we stumble together. If we are excited to wake up every day and take on the day, then we are doing things right and that is success!

Biggest Success
Other than raising my kids, I would say being able to start my own business and bring together an amazing team of people who are helping me grow the business. It is truly about who is on the team. One of our team said recently “who cares if we cannot find the perfect “job” for that person, let’s bring them in to work with us anyways if they are an amazing person and fit.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
Our top challenge is customer eyeballs. We have developed many networks and it is all about stepping out our comfort zone and making an ask. We plan and plan but sometimes it is just about being ready at all times to help out. Give first and you will do well.

Who is your most important role model?
Culture and people are critical, therefore Tony Hsieh, Ann Rhoades, and Dharmesh Shah are my role models.