Nada Kiblawi, NHK Consulting Services, The Story ExchangeYour Name: Nada Kiblawi

Business Name: NHK Consulting Services, LLC, an engineering design and consulting service

Type of Business: Engineering Consulting

Business Location: Great Falls, Virginia, United States

Reason for starting
Focus on providing highly selective specialty engineering design and consulting services to our clients without being inhibited by large companies’ bureaucracy and cumulative overhead costs.

How do you define success?
Satisfied Clients. Long-term Professional Relationships. Mutual Trust and Respect. Pride and Gratification in the delivered work for all project team members. No Regrets.

Biggest Success
Cherished long-standing Relationships with Clients and Colleagues

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
Workplace and Social Challenges are numerous and dynamic. Being a Female Engineer in a male dominated industry was by far the top Challenge during the first 20 years of my career; however, while forcing me to work twice as hard as my male colleagues and be always pepared for unpredictable circumstances, it developed me into a better and more respected Professional.

Who is your most important role model?
My Father in his determination, honesty, integrity, and dedication.